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A great pair of jeans can make your day.  Once you slip into that perfect pair, the rest of your outfit is a piece of cake to put on.  Gone are the days when one pair acted as your catch-all.  I recommend at least two styles so you can vary your look to suit your mood. 

Here are my favorite pairs of the moment, all for under $100, most much less. You’ll find one to fit whatever your fancy is at the moment. I’ve also hunted a few deals down for you; I am a DealPro, after all.

Grey jeans

Grey Skinny

I recently scored a pair of grey jeans and they have transformed my wardrobe.  They are my go-to when I don’t want to look like a carbon copy of everyone else, but I can’t be bothered to put on a skirt.  They look fresh and hip, but aren’t too much of a fashion risk if you are less inclined towards the colored jean trend (White jeans?  I can’t do it.  Purple?  Don’t start.)  I love them in this skinny cut because you can tuck them into boots, wear them with ballet flats, or sport a great pair of heels and they will look chic and stylish.  The grey jeans pictured above can be found at Levi’s–and at less than $30, how can you resist?

Cigarette pants

Oh, how I love my cigarette pants.  The ankle skimming hem, the flattering skinny cut, they make me feel like a 1940s throwback.  Best part is, they’re so short, you never have that frayed-stepped-on jeans hem problem that you find with flared jeans.  And they look dynamite with heels.   The pair pictured are from Urban Outfitters. 

Updated Boyfriend Jeans

I love the look of boyfriend jeans, but sometimes they are so wide and slouchy that they can add pounds to your frame.  I don’t know about you ladies, but that is not what I am going for.  This slightly slimmer cut boyfriend jean from The Gap still feels roomy and casual, but has a more flattering fit.  These will quickly become your new kick-around jeans.

Trouser Jeans

If you’re all business, these are the jeans for you.  Because they don’t read as “jeans” right away, trouser jeans are perfect for wearing to meetings or the office.  You still feel comfortable and casual, but your look is  polished. Try them in a dark rinse for extra panache.  And check for Banana Republic coupons to save some cash!

Sailor Jeans

A-hoy there, lassies, time to dance away your shore leave! The high waist and wide leg of a sailor jean will make your legs look miles long.  Sailor jeans have a fun, stylized look, so they’re perfect for people who feel to dressed-down in jeans.  Wear them with platforms if they’re long enough or pair them with some moccasins if you hem them shorter.  Either way, you’ll be a sight for sore eyes. 

Super Flattering Jeans

Sometimes you don’t care about making a statement–you just want jeans that look good.   But the perfect flattering pair is subjective. Some people swear by Se7en jeans, but those have never flattered me.  I loved my DKNY Jeans, but my best friend hated the pair she tried on. That said, these jeans might just be the perfect shape for you.

Self Magazine voted New York & Company‘s premium flare their best universal fit for any body type.  The jeans sold out quickly, but they’ll be restocked in February.  In the meantime, check out New York & Company’s other designed-to-fit denim.

As for me, Lucky Brand jeans have always flattered my figure,and I find they have a wide variety of cuts.  I’ve seen them look great on teens and moms, tall folks and short folks, people who are curvy and tall drinks of water alike.  I love the Lil’ Maggie Jeans, but check out all their cuts and styles.  Twice a year, Lucky has a mega 50% off sale.  I wait for that great deal and stock up then.  Check; you know we’ll post it. 

What are your favorite jeans?  I’m dying to know!  Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. ShoppinHolly

    5 years ago

    I LOVE the Sailor Jeans, but why can’t I look like that when I try them on? Also the Trouser Jeans and Cigarette Pants are cute.

  2. coupiedoll

    5 years ago

    OMG, Holly, I am lusting for a pair of sailor jeans too!

  3. iwerner

    5 years ago

    I like American Eagle jeans.


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