Diets don’t work but lifestyle changes do

Weight Loss

You often hear the phrase “Lifestyle Change” when people talk about dieting. I used to hear that and think I didn’t want to change my lifestyle, I just wanted to lose weight and then go back to “being me”. Well, there are many flaws in that theory, of course.

A few years ago I opened the front door and my dog took off out the door running after another dog. I immediately ran after her. It was probably the first time I had run in a long time. As a Blogger I am very sedentary, and on top of that I HATE to exercise. I began having some pain in my foot after that, and a few weeks later I found out it was caused by my Achilles tendon being torn almost in half. The injury is called a “Weekend Warrior” injury, which come from people who work all week and then without stretching go full force into an outdoor sport. So, my running after the dog, without stretching, causes the injury.
I was told I would need surgery to repair the tendon and so they sent me for my pre-surgery blood work. They called me in a few days and said I couldn’t have the surgery right then because the blood work revealed that I had Type II Diabetes. I argued with the Dr. that that just couldn’t be right. I finally said, “Well, I am not keeping it!” and he said, “Ok, I can work with that!”.

The night before the blood work came back, a friend mentioned a book she was reading and loved about weight loss and how easy everything in the book explained it. So, Hubby and I were out and about and dropped into the local bookstore and I picked up the book to look through it. I ended up buying the book and read, honestly, only a couple of chapters. But, what I read gave me plenty to work with and through the book, watching Dr. Oz on TV, and trial and error — I came up with a “Lifestyle Change”!

Now, this is something different than I had always thought of, when I thought of changing my lifestyle. I finally realized I had to find a way to work WITH my body to come up with a way I could live for the rest of my life without feeling I was being deprived.

You see, I had done many diets in the past; shakes, skipping meals, grapefruit, low carb, meal replacement, I even lost a significant amount of weight once by exercising alone. But, none of them worked and I found myself over 100 lbs overweight when this all happened. So, the goal had to be what worked for me, and what I could feel comfortable doing for the rest of my life. I was able to lose the weight without exercise, in fact, I was in bed recovering from the surgery, unable to walk for most of the weight loss.

I often tell new mothers, “You’ll get tons of advice from everyone. Take what you like and throw out the rest.” I think that is solid advice, and I used it for my weight loss. In the end I lost over 100 lbs and have kept it off now for a few years and I also have no signs of Type II Diabetes. My “Lifestyle Change” got rid of the weight, as well as the meds and effects of Diabetes, and best of all has allowed me to keep it off without feeling as though I have sacrificed anything!

You can read how I did it on my blog: Grocery Shop For FREE


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