Ditch Your Drugstore Beauty Supplies and Rub Food All Over Your Face

Ditch Your Drugstore Beauty Supplies and Rub Food All Over Your Face

Just this past weekend I spent $70 on beauty supplies. Just six basic supplies. At a drugstore.

It’s not easy (or cheap) staying beautiful.

This surprisingly expensive outing got me thinking — are there things I could be using around my own home to curb the costs of spending so much on beauty supplies? I did a little digging and, as it turns out … there are.

An Acne-Clearing Face Mask
My face is a big toughie for me. It’s both dry and oily, prone to breakouts and often in need of a little extra TLC. As such, the first thing on my to-find list included an awesome, if somewhat gentle, acne-clearing face mask, and The Beauty Bean’s DIY recipe looks like it could be a winner. It’s made with one raw egg (gross, I know … but I’m willing to try anything once!) and 1 tbsp. of honey. Cover your face and let it dry to 15 to 20 minutes, then remove.

Editor’s note — check out Beauty Bean’s recipes for Pore and Wrinkle Tightening Masks and Exfoliating Masks on the same page.

A Refreshing Face Mask

Of course sometimes acne isn’t the problem, and especially in this rager of a winter we’ve been having, my skin could really use a little pick-me-up. That’s where a refreshing face mask comes in. I like the one I found on Self because I love the idea of using the rejuvenating juices of citrus to really get my skin glowing. To make it, gather 1tbsp. of citrus juice and 1 tbsp. of baking soda and combine. Stir the mixture until it stops bubbling. Apply the mask and leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse off. The citrus juice helps by exfoliating and brightening skin, while the baking soda clears away dead skin cells.

Check out the full recipe on Self.com.

A Redness Reducer
Creams and make-up and scrubs and masks can all take their toll on my especially sensitive skin — they often leave me looking a little red in the face. Luckily there’s a quick and easy fix for this — and it only involves a trip to my freezer. Simply applying a piece of ice to the red area for 15 minutes will reduce redness and swelling instantly. Magic.

A Skin Softener
I’m about to brag here for a second. After just returning from a trip to Iceland where I spent a day at the magical Blue Lagoon slathering my face with its healing and skin-softening silica mud, I doubt I’ll find anything as perfect in my fridge to get the job done. Still, for those of us trudging through this hectic winter that won’t seem to end, an avocado and honey skin softener sounds perfectly delightful for our dry and tight skin. Simply peel and mash one ripe avocado, add 1 tbsp. of honey and apply to your face.

Recipe from Wikihow

A Moisturizing Scrub
Sometimes a gal just really needs a good scrub to make her face and body feel truly clean. Skip the pricey store bought options in lieu of a homemade sugar and coffee one. (Can’t you just smell that right now?) Ratios aren’t so much an issue here, so run some tests to see what feels best on your skin. Combine the sugar, some salt and coffee granules in an airtight jar and add in a bit of oil until the mixture feels squishy. Rub it all over while in the shower and rinse off.

Recipe from Wikihow

A Complexion Smoother
If your skin is anything like mine, it can be difficult to find a product to both soothe dry, rough patches of skin and dry out oily ones. That’s why I love this mySkin complexion smoother. (Full disclosure: I also love it a little bit because it uses cucumbers, my absolutely favorite food. One cucumber for the smoother, one for me.) Simply blend yogurt with a couple of slices of fresh, peeled cucumber, then dab a small amount on the skin for 20-25 minutes to smooth your complexion and remove impurities.

Recipe from mySkin

A Unique Lipstick
You’ll have to be very careful with this recipe, but if it works, it has the potential to be pretty amazing. You know how beets so easily stain your hands and clothes? Well imagine bottling that gorgeous red color and using it as a lipstick? Try blending some beet juice with grape seed oil, olive oil or vitamin E to get the color you like, and then (very carefully!) apply it with a cotton swab.

Recipe from Alternativz

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