Don’t give out candies this Halloween, give these instead!


Halloween is just around the corner and you may be thinking about how much candy you’ll have to buy to hand out. Why not give out something else instead? Here are just some suggestions for what to hand out on Halloween instead of candy.

1. Wendy’s Frosty coupons:
Purchase a coupon booklet from Wendy’s for only $1 and give out 10 free Jr. Frosty coupons! Every coupon book you purchase will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, helping children in foster care find permanent loving homes.
2. McDonald’s Treat coupons:
For only $1 per coupon booklet, you receive 4 coupons for free apple slices, 4 coupons for free small cones, and 4 coupons for free milk chugs or juice boxes. These coupons are available at participating McDonald’s locations.

3. Chuck E. Cheese token certificates: You can print out various reward certificates from the Chuck E. Cheese website, including some that are 4 to a page. Each of these certificates can be redeemed for 10 free tokens. Sometimes closer to Halloween they offer Trick-or-Treat certificates for free tokens.

4. Rainbow Loom bracelets: The Rainbow Loom bracelets are some of the hottest things right now. You can make a bunch and hand out the bracelets instead of candy. These would be great for older kids.

5. Hot chocolate: Depending on where you live, Halloween may be a chilly time of the year. A couple of our neighbors handed out cups of hot chocolate to all of the trick-or-treaters one year and it was the most popular house in the neighborhood.

6. Glow sticks: Most kids love glow sticks and you can hand out glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces, etc. instead of candy. It’ll also make it easier for them to be seen if they are out trick-or-treating when it gets dark.

7. Stickers: You can find booklets of stickers at the dollar store. Separate the pages and give out a page of stickers instead of candy. Younger children will especially love these!

8. Bookmarks: If you are crafty, you can easily make bookmarks out of cardstock. We like to use a stamp wheel and wheel a design across the entire page and then cut them into individual bookmarks.

9. Coloring books or notepads with a pencil or crayons:
Tape a pencil to a notepad or tape some crayons onto a coloring book for a fun Halloween treat. You can also look for Halloween-themed printables to make your own activity books to hand out.

10. Party favors: Sometimes you can find some great deals on party favors, suitable for boys and/or girls. Those party favors would also be a good alternative to handing out candy this Halloween.

These suggestions are also good throughout the year for parties or if your school no longer allows children to bring in food for birthday treats. You can purchase extra Wendy’s or McDonald’s coupon booklets for later use. What other ideas do you have as an alternative to giving out candy on Halloween?

Maria Tiongco Ramos is the owner and content creator for A Savings WOW!, where she shows how to make saving money every day easier. Maria is a busy work-at-home/stay-at-home mom to four kids. She is also a DealPro and teaches Savings workshops that help people learn how to save up to 50% off their grocery bills.


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  1. DeeLemon

    1 year ago

    Love these ideas! Aside from candies we also give stickers and bookmarks for trick or treat every year.

    Dee from MadameDeals

  2. meredithsavings

    1 year ago

    Love the sticker idea! My kids would actually prefer stickers over candy!

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