Herding Cats: Droid X Pre-Order Date, FIFA World Cup 2010 Lion Burgers, Biden on Movie Piracy

Herding Cats: Droid X Pre-Order Date, FIFA World Cup 2010 Lion Burgers, Biden on Movie Piracy

After several weeks of wisdom-tooth-extraction-related hardships, I am finally around on a Friday to be back at the helm of the Savings financial news roundup. Hopefully iHuppp didn’t trash the place while I was gone. Let’s get this rolling because we at Savings have a very important staff meeting this afternoon… at the beach! Gizmodo: Motorola Droid X: Subtle Like An Asteroid – In the rapid-fire succession of Verizon smartphones released since last November, the original Droid begat the Eris, and the Eris begat the Incredible. Now, meet the Droid X, a “gigantinormous” Motorola device to dominate the gene pool. It’s already overcome two years of lustful iPhone envy and won my heart. The new Android machine features a ridiculous 4.3″ 854×480 display, 720p video recording with HDMI out and, as an added bonus, ships with a complimentary 16GB microSD card for a total storage capacity of 24GB. After waiting three weeks for my back-ordered Incredible, I canceled the order as soon as this baby was introduced on Wednesday. Next week, aforementioned Savings tech fiend and occasional “Herding Cats” author iHuppp will fill you in the second Verizon announces the Droid X pre-order date.

Ars Technica: US Goes After Movie Pirates In Estonia, Counterfeiters In Tanzania – This week in wastes of American tax dollars: the White House has been satisfying its intellectual property fetish by sending government agencies gallivanting around the world to drop the righteous banhammer on piracy and counterfeiting. From Eastern Europe to West Africa, we’ve been shelling out funds to make sure that starving peasant thieves, by God, will have to cough up their entire month of wages for a legitimate Blu-Ray instead of snagging a cheap pirated camcorder theatrical rip. My favorite part of this article: Joe Biden’s mind-bogglingly misguided conception that copyright infringement is “no different than the guy walking down Fifth Avenue and smashing the window of Tiffany’s and reaching in and grabbing what’s in the window.” Yes, Joe. Yes, it is. Sigh.

Consumerist: More Freaky Fried Foods From San Diego – Who knew America’s Finest City could rival the upper-Midwest or the South when it comes to fat, greasy, fried delicacies that offer instant artery destruction? I haven’t been to the Del Mar Fair (incorrectly calling it the “San Diego County Fair” will get you an annoyed, condescending look from us locals) in many years, and it looks like I’m a lot healthier for what I’ve missed out on: Krispy Kreme donut chicken sandwiches? Chocolate-covered bacon? Deep fried… butter? Sounds like all that’s missing is a one-million-calorie poison eclair slathered with chocolate so dark that light cannot escape.

CNN Money: The Real Story Behind The Arizona World Cup Lion Burgers – Speaking of strange and exotic food, Arizona is probably cementing itself as our Most Controversial State after a restaurant there began offering lion burgers to “honor” South Africa for hosting the World Cup (would he be offering panda burgers were the World Cup in China instead?). Apparently, this guy legally (!) procured the lion meat through a shady distribution channel from a wild game butcher shop in Illinois, who in turn got the meat from a buddy of his who runs a lion skinning operation. Sounds lovely! Personally, I’ll stick with canned unicorn meat if I’m looking for something in an off-the-wall protein source. If this story outrages you vegetarians out there, keep in mind that eating an animal isn’t necessarily the worst thing you can do to it.

Forbes: Nine Absurd Products For Kids – Everyone knows that modern parents are going to exponentially absurd lengths to give their little snowflakes a leg-up in developing their math and language skills, and here’s a list of baby gifts that proves it. Child psychologists and pediatricians pretty much agree that wildly-popular Baby Einstein DVDs and other “kidvids” are more likely to turn your toddler into a future couch potato than a future physicist. I have to admit, though, I’d definitely be interested in the “Pee-Pee Teepee” jockstrap – what part of shielding yourself from spontaneous urine spray is a bad idea? Anyways, here’s to hoping my generation’s babies won’t be forced to spend their formative years staring blankly at an algebra textbook and a copy of Ulysses.

Party time, suckers! Enjoy the rest of your tedious workday while we come together as a company to brainstorm creative ways to smuggle alcohol onto the beach.

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