Easy and frugal Fall decorating ideas


Fall is my favorite time of the year for decorating. For a “frugalista” like me, you can reuse and re-purpose many items you already have around the house and then forage in the yard for even more!

I am no “Martha Stewart.” I have learned not to let perfection get in the way of adding a little festivity around the house. You will see that I have a few friends who have really taken easy fall decorating tips to the next level. Maybe someday I will get there, but for now, I am making do with “good enough.”

I encourage you to give easy fall decorating a try. Gather up leaves, pine cones, acorns, nuts, corn husks, branches, old books, strips of fabric, coffee beans, and you can create your own fall decor for pennies.


Mix in favorite photographs of kids dressed in their Halloween costumes, and back to school photos. You can even frame pages from a calendar or pictures of fall foliage. This beautiful maple tree in all it’s fall splendor was taken in Connecticut where I grew up. My daughter took this picture years ago and it always makes me smile every time it comes out of the “fall decor” box in my attic.


My favorite decorating foundation is my collection of clear glass vases, jars, and candle holders. You can fill them with found items such as pine cones, acorns and nuts, or fall candy such as candy corn for an easy and festive accent. I picked up many of my glass containers at my local Goodwill store. With a few glass containers, you can decorate for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and patriotic holidays, just by changing out the candy!


For fall, I filled up one of my larger glass containers with dried white beans, green lentils, and popcorn kernels and then added a small pumpkin on top. You can put this together for about $7 if you already have the container. It is colorful and fun and guests always comment on how great the colors look together.


Here is another version where I added some curly sticks purchased in a bag at Michael’s. I added some potpourri that I already had just to add some height to the arrangement.


For some simple and inexpensive candle arrangements, I bought a bolt of burlap ribbon at Michaels’ and with a coupon (find them on their website), it was just a few dollars. I also love this thick burlap ribbon to wrap packages. You can wrap a package in a brown paper grocery bag and when you add a burlap ribbon, it looks fantastic!

I wrapped a plain white candle in the burlap ribbon and hot glued it together in the back. I added a tie of raffia and a few leaves from my yard. I added a layer of whole coffee beans in the bottom of the glass candle holder to add that great coffee smell to the candle arrangement.

You can also purchase a bag of raffia at Michael’s and find many uses for decorating and gift wrapping. If you are making homemade treats in jelly jars, the raffia also looks great tied around the jars.

Be sure that the burlap ribbon is not at the very top of the candle when you light it, and keep an eye on it as the candle burns down. I don’t want your burlap ribbon to catch on fire!


My clever friend Mindy, made easy fall decor using the pages from discarded books. She traced and cut out a leaf pattern and then strung them together with twine, added a few acorns, and created a mantle decoration that looks so elegant when combined with her neutral fall pallet of colors. You can see more of her clever ideas at Mindy Laven Interiors. She elevates ordinary objects into beautiful decor. I invite you to visit her blog for inexpensive decorating ideas for all seasons.


Mindy is a master at creating levels when she decorates. She has a collection of candlesticks and cake plates that she uses in her arrangements to create scale and depth.


One of my favorite Pinterest pinners, Dani, made this chalkboard printable with instructions from a clever blog callled How to Nest for Less. She added the text and framed it. You could make some great inexpensive gifts with this printable chalkboard background by using favorite poems, names, dates, and more. You can follow the easy directions to make your own printable chalkboard decor here.

Dani also glued twine to a beer bottle and added a sprig of berries to include in her display.


Dani also made this beautiful table arrangement and built it on a piece of old plywood. When you need to move the arrangement off the table, the whole thing is in one piece, glued down to the plywood. I thought that was such a smart idea! She used leaves, candles, and pumpkins found at the dollar store and when combined, it looks so beautiful.


I recently discovered another beautiful blog called The Rustic Pig. Claire made this beautiful, simple fall wreath using strips of fabric and a wire coat hangar. Use a pair of pliers to form the wreath and then just tie on strips of fabric cut about 5 or 6 inches long. Claire recommends pushing them together tightly. You can see her step by step directions here on her lovely blog.

This is an idea that you can replicate for all seasons. Keep your eye out for pretty pieces of fabric that you can re-purpose into a lovely rag wreath for your door. You can even get the kids to help you to tie the fabric onto the coat hangar. Make an extra one for a gift!


I hope you are inspired to try some of these easy fall decorating tips in your home. There are so many more ideas on Pinterest. I invite you to visit my Pinterest page and view the fall decorating boards that I have put together. I would also love to see pictures of your easy fall decorations!

Lori Felix is a Savings.com DealPro from southern California and blogs at More with Less Today where she shares ways to spend less on the things we need so that we will have more for those we love!

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