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Are you in the midst of Fall decorating?  It’s a great feeling to walk around the neighborhood and see that my neighbors have either begun to decorate their front yards or in the process of doing so. 

Not only do I like the pumpkins sitting along the front porch, but I love the wreaths showcased on the main doors of their homes. Something about those autumn wreaths made of golden bearded wheat, yellow lonas, and golden strawflowers puts me in the mood for Fall.

Fall decorating doesn’t have to be expensive and in fact you can save money by doing DIY projects to give your home an affordable face-lift for the season.  If you are short on ideas or need more inspiration, this week our DealPros have some really cool projects that will keep you busy and give your home that seasonal touch.  So roll up your sleeves, grab a pair of scissors, and get ready to make some masterpieces! Saving Money on Fall Decor

Before we get our hands dirty in all the great DIY projects, let’s take a look at 5 Tips for Saving on Fall Decor from Stretching a Buck.  Giving yourself more than one option will help you budget time, money and energy.  For those of you that don’t consider yourself a do-it-yourself type of person, having choices will ultimately let you be successful in your Fall decorating endeavors.

$6 Spend on Fall & Halloween Decor

Like I said, Fall decorating doesn’t have to be expensive.  Take a look at Saving The Family Money’s Easy & Frugal Halloween Decor.  She took items from her home, re-purposed them and used cheap decorations purchased at a dollar store to give her home a finished Fall/Halloween look to it.  Oh, and speaking of my love for wreaths, you have to check out her Fall Wreath and Hammered Pumpkins with Another Bulletin Board, all made for under $12 (crazy good!).

Trick or Treat Halloween Bucket

It’s getting close to Halloween and a big part of Fall decorations has to do with that special day.  I love Passionate Penny Pincher’s Trick or Treat Bucket which can be used not only for Halloween, but many special days throughout the year.  Whether you need a place to put some candies into or a nice way to display some Halloween parting gifts, this bucket will do the job and in a very chic way!

Decorations for the Door

I didn’t know that there was anything else you could do with a door, except put a beautiful wreath on it.  But after I saw the Tin Can Flower Arrangement by Getting Freedom from Debt, my thoughts have changed.  If your sick of the same old same old, try some new decorations such as the one above (your friends will think your cool or they’ll think you’ve watched one too many episodes of The Martha Stewart Show).

Scented Candles for the Fall

I love candles!  But these days, I don’t get to enjoy them as much because my children love blowing them out.  However, when I have company over or have a little time for myself, a candle can change the room setting from normal to special.  Thrifty Mama’s Make Your Own Scented Candle will be the perfect touch to any of your rooms this Fall and they also make for a great housewarming or Christmas gift.

Making a Dollar Store Candleholder into Something Fabulous

If you’re trying to stay frugal in your decorations this Fall, take something plain from the dollar store and customize the look yourself.  These Easy & Frugal Mod Podge Mosaic Candleholders from When You Rise Up are not only fun and easy to make, they will give your room some much needed drama and great ambiance.

$50 Planter for Less than $5

Planters can get costly, especially if you have an assortment of plants that each need a planter .  So how about creating the same $50 effect for a lot less or even nothing. See Kosher on a Budget’s How to Spruce Up Your Front Step for Fall — On $5 or Less.  She took a plain ole’ planter and gave it some drama with spray paint.

Using Candy Corn Votives as Picture Perfect Dining Room Table Decorations

This one goes out to the folks that run the other way when they hear DIY.  If you want to give your dining table or even a side table a festive look, try the DIY Candy Corn Votives idea from Coupon Connections.  Not only is it very easy, it will give your home a pop here and there.

Hope these special projects will give that added “oomph” to all your Fall decorating efforts!  Come back next week to see all the yummy frugal fall recipes our DealPros have for you.  It will definitely be a yummy week!

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  1. ChuckG

    2 years ago

    Dollar store also has an assortment of cheap scented candles if you don’t want to make your own.

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