Family Savings: Best frugal tips from tweeters


Our Twitter parties are always hoppin’ with fun people, good times, fabulous prizes and lots of amazing tips from tweeters that join in the conversation. This past week we discussed #FamilySavings and ways to have fun with the family without spending a whole lot. 

Check out the tips from Twitter party goers, and make sure you join us at our next Twitter party! We always learn so much!
What will you/did you do with the kids for Spring Break? #familysavings

The winner? Staycations! Most people opt for the frugal activity of staying local for family fun. 

What’s your favorite low-cost, after-school activity? #familysavings

The winners? The library and local playgrounds/parks – frugal and fun!

How do you teach your kids to budget? #familysavings

Have them learn by having them earn their own money and spending it. Plus, be an example! 

What are your favorite, frugal lunch ideas for kids? #familysavings 

The favorites? Sandwiches and mac n’ cheese! Nom!

What kind of things do you do to encourage more family time? #familysavings

Best tips? Family game night, and shutting off all electronics for family dinner time. 

Want to see all the tweets and tips from Tuesday’s Twitter party? You can see a recap of the party on this PDF download here. See you at our next party!


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