Final Fantasy XIV…Already?


This week we want to take a look at a potentially wallet-busting trend in the games industry. That is, the proliferation of too many good games too soon. Haha. Seriously, while no one can argue that while a plethora of subjectively “good” games is a great thing, too many one on top of each other can become a burden to gamers’ wallets. Not to mention, who has time to play all of these?

The focus this week is on one franchise in particular to best illustrate our own personal frustration with the too many games, too little cash, too little time syndrome. Guy : While many of us are still waiting for all of the pieces/chapters of Final Fantasy XIII to drop over here in the States like Versus XIII, and are just now completing Final Fantasy XIII itself, a new Chocobo-littered adventure is just about to debut. The latest MMO from Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV PC-version is set to drop on September 30th, with a console street date of sometime in March 2011.

As I said, the FFXIII strory is still being told, and while an MMO is a different beast from a traditional RPG and action game, the point still remains that such a short release schedule (at least stateside–in Japan the releases are a bit more spread out…) doesn’t afford your average player (those with lives, jobs, nagging girlfriends) an ample opportunity to get their money’s worth out of a lengthy, spread-out game.  Rushing through because I have to get to the next FF experience is not the most enjoyable way to look back on my $60-$120 investment.

It seems that there are just too many games coming out at a pace that our wallets can’t keep up with. On another note–I love FF trailers, cinematics, etc., but lately they have all seemed to be pretty much the same story. Hero lives on idyllic world, all is not as it seems, an evil is threatening, the beautiful world is threatened/destroyed, the hero must gather a band of rebels and fight for the future of the world.

At least with Versus XIII, it looks more like Advent Children but playable.

Yasar : I’ll be a little more direct than Guy and just outright say I’m not really sure what Square Enix is thinking here really.  It’s almost an insult to gamers to attempt to release a sequel so closely to the release of your last game.  It’s already ridiculous that there are 14 Final Fantasy games (well, way more when you count DS side games FF Tactics and various other spinoffs).  Releasing 13 and 14 so close to each other is clearly just a gimmick to get the hardcore fan to spend way more money than they may have initially intended out of some sense of brand loyalty. 

If any other industry tried to pull this off, it would not stand.  Imagine if all of the new Star Wars movies were all released within a month of each other.  You’d be weary of watching any of them and you’d be doubting the quality of all three of them.  OK, that was kind of a bad example because those movies were spread out and most people thought they sucked–but you get the point.  Instead of taking the extra time to ensure they’re getting the best product out there to their customers, these companies are immediately releasing anything they know is good enough to sell.

 Guy : Exactly. Check out the cost breakdown for the new Online Multiplayer FF XIV:

  • The Standard PC edition of the game will cost $50 (It’s a safe bet that the console version will be a standard $59.99).
  • Monthly subscription cost = $13
  • Additional playable characters cost = $3 each
  • Crysta , which is in-game currency for FFXIV, will cost about $0.01 per. How you purchase it is up to you but the cost breakdowns will look like this:
    • 500 Crysta – $5.00
    • 1,000 Crysta – $10.00
    • 2,000 Crysta – $20.00
    • 3,000 Crysta – $30.00
    • 5,000 Crysta – $50.00
    • 10,000 Crysta – $100.00

    Yes, it IS necessary to purchase Crysta in order to fully function well in this “living” world.

“You may purchase Crysta with either a PayPal account or by inputting a time card from PlaySpan – Ultimate Pay. These time cards can be purchased at Walmart, 7eleven, Gamestop or at Playspan website in increments of $8, $10, and $20 USD.”

I lost track of how much money I’d be spending already…before the second FF XIII game even comes out! Am I broke yet?

Yasar : Insane dude. For those of you looking for a product where the developers have taken their time to ensure a great user experience, there are several games out there for you. DC Universe Online looks like it’s going to be amazing.  Guy and I have probably spent a combined two months watching trailers for it.  If you’re looking for some games that are already out there, check out the always reliable, user friendly, fan-conscious WoW (which will ruin your life and I recommend you never play, haha!), Lord of the Rings Online and City of Heroes. 

For more of our “ways the game industry” lifts your paycheck musings, follow us on Twitter @SavingsGCapes and @YasarSavings . Until next time, “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.” (High five to the first person who knows what that means without Googling it …)

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  1. SandB342

    5 years ago

    Crysta is actually an alternate way to pay the monthly fee, you cannot buy in-game gil with it. And remember that square has 7 development teams that each work on different games. you guys seem pretty biased. dc universe hasnt even enter beta and its supposed to be out in november? hows that for quality. hire a fact checker before you scare people out of buying it.

  2. jmediodia

    5 years ago

    The Contra Code! *High five*

  3. GuyCopes

    5 years ago

    High five right back atcha jmediodia. And @SandB342…no scaring away of buyers. Just two guys’ opinions. Crysta still costs money and the prices still add up. We also still stand by our belief (that opinion thing again) that it is too soon for a new game stateside and developers need to be more concerned with a gamer’s ability to afford alll of this and less with over feeding their financial bottom line. IMHO of course.

  4. Yasarh

    5 years ago

    We never said FFXIV was a bad game or lacking quality. We were merely stating that as a consumer, it doesn’t really leave you bursting with confidence that you’re going to get a great a product when the release comes so quickly.

  5. GuyCopes

    5 years ago

    Also, the official press release from Square Enix (which we read) seems to allude to the fact that Crysta will be used for more than just online subscriptions and will be utilized for game content down the road. (which I alluded to above) This also seems to be the scuttlebutt among industry insiders since the announcement. From our research.


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