Five Most Expensive Baby Products for the Rich and Richer


Every time I turn on the TV, I see previews go out for “Pregnant in Heels,”  a new show on Bravo TV about Rosie Pope, who is the maternity concierge for the rich and privileged.  She takes her expertise of providing high end services to the rich and showcases it on TV.

While ridiculous at times, I do find it fascinating to see what sort of things billion dollar babies have access to.  I equally enjoy watching new mothers–very rich mothers–buying everything and trying everything just because they can.

The market for baby products are a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s also a constantly growing industry.  Every year I go to the biggest event for juvenile products and I can’t even get through a quarter of the convention floor before I need to take a long break. 

It’s just that big.

So exactly what do these babies have access to and how over-the-top are these items.  I found five of my favorites that are ridiculously expensive and things that we probably wouldn’t buy–or moreso, couldn’t afford.


Out of the five items, this is the cheapest one, retailing at $540.  The Sakura Bloom Luxe Baby Sling is eco-friendly and made of rare, hand loomed, naturally dyed silks.

While this sling is very beautiful, there are a lot of slings on the market that are probably not made of rare silk material, but still do the job.  Even Sakura Bloom, has a collection that starts at $160 (which is still expensive for most people).

My husband thinks that we could probably recycle some silk dresses and make the same sling out of it, but in reality it’s easier said than done.  Although it is expensive, I think if you can afford it, why not?


This next stroller is definitely one of those strollers that you would just have to stop and watch it go by until you couldn’t see it.  The Roddler from Kids Kustoms is very “eye catching” and for those rich folks who love custom-made everything, this is the perfect stroller for them.  The base price is $3,500 without the customization.

I own a Phil & Ted’s Vibe stroller that looks very similar to this one, but obviously doesn’t have the custom fenders, leatherette upholstery or 52 spoke wheels, but it’s priced at $699 (which my husband still had a heart attack over).


One of my favorite shops to get inspiration from is Posh Tots.  They sell everything and anything in the juvenile world that defines luxury to it’s finest. 

Most of their products are a gazillion dollars, so it’s just a place where I go to get ideas from.  On my most recent excursion to their site, I found this beautiful Fantasy Carriage Crib priced at $19,995.00.

Even if I had that kind of money to fork over, I don’t think I could buy something that I may or may not use, just for the dramatic factor (but it is beautiful).


Everyone knows that the Chanel brand defines timeless beauty and for generations after generations, fashion icons have accessorized their looks with a Chanel handbag (while being an accessory, they always seem to be the star of the show).

The Chanel Diaper Tote would make any mother feel special, but for the rich, it’s a must-have.  Priced at $1,399, it’s the most expensive diaper bag that I’ve seen–but probably wouldn’t make a dent in the pocketbook of an heiress mommy.


The most ridiculous out the bunch is this $17,000 3 carat pacifier.  According to, this exact pacifier was purchased for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt to get her through her crabby moments.

While it has 278 Pave Set Diamonds, I couldn’t imagine giving my child a pacifier worth that much money and on top of that, it’s probably not that functional.

Obviously there is a market for these type of pacifiers, since it’s sold on Amazon, but why people?

While the baby market get larger and larger, the products get more extravagant, more expensive, and more outrageous.  And of course, there’s always the rich crowd who are ready to pay those high ticket prices to get their child what others won’t even dream of. 

Have you indulged in anything that your friends called you crazy for or have you come across some baby products that just made you shake your head (in a bad way)?

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  1. SavingsIQ

    4 years ago

    can you imagine if the baby lost the $17k pacifier? that costs more than some cars!

  2. Allegra.Ringo

    4 years ago

    Buying ultra-expensive baby products like these ones is so ridiculous! Babies seem like the last group of people you should be buying extravagant things for, since a) they’re probably going to spit up and/or drool all over anything that comes near them, and b) they won’t remember these things anyway!

  3. ashleywade

    3 years ago

    Although I couldn’t justify spending nearly $1400 on a diaper bag, I’ll admit that would be the one area I would probably splurge on. If you’re carrying it everywhere like a second purse, I think something a little classier than pastel Carebears (no disrespect my beloved Carebears, you’ll have your place in the nursery) is acceptable.

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