Five ways to celebrate National Coupon Month


It’s National Coupon Month!  Whether you’re a newbie couponer or a seasoned pro, couponing is one of those art forms that consistently evolve.  From the days of Coca Cola offering free drinks to current trends where a coupon can be scanned directly from your smartphone, it’s amazing to see how it’s taking on new forms.

With couponing popularity continuing to rise, the stigma has started to fade away.  Sixty percent of survey respondents agreed that using a coupon on a date was now acceptable.  I’m probably in the 40% because you’ll see that sour look McKayla Maroney is famous for if this ever happened to me on a date.  But in most situations, I’m all about saving every penny you can. Help us celebrate National Coupon Month a.k.a “Save-tember” and learn about current couponing techniques with 5 tips courtesy of our best and brightest:

  • This is the busiest and one of the most expensive time of the year.  Make sure you plan and research before you make your purchase.  Avoid impulse buys because they will make you go over your budget.
  • Check in on the status: check expiration dates, not only of coupons, but clearly mark food products so they don’t go bad on you and waste money. Audit your phone cable and cell phone bills as well, to be sure you aren’t paying for services you don’t need.
  • Save money on-the-go by using grocery apps to help you budget, plan for meals and ultimately save you money at the grocery store.
  • Do you need a little jump-start or advice?  On Monday, Sept. 10 at 2:30 p.m. EST. tune into our free webinar by going to or  For one hour, indulge in some interactive Q & A about coupons, family finances and smart savings techniques from five leading online experts and DealPros.
  • If you’re ready to take the plunge and dive into the world of couponing, make room on Sept. 24 for the Nationwide Savings Nation event. DealPros around the country will be hosting coupon classes to teach you how to slash your grocery bill by 50%.

Here’s to a month dedicated to the art of saving money!  Be inspired or inspire one person in your life to be a savvy shopper.


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