Forget Black Friday, Prepare Yourself for Cyber Monday


All this talk about Black Friday deals! If the recent promotions abuzz on the various social media sites are any measure for the holiday sales this year, then look out.  Cyber Monday deals will be full of virtual stampedes, with 404 error pages, hosing up checkout and shutting down sites. Perhaps too much for the dial-ups or maybe not… From the Conan t-shirt giveaway to Lowe’s Black Friday coupons for 90% off, both ending within minutes of release. I made one attempt to secure a discount coupon from Lowe’s during their Facebook promotion on Saturday. Entered the details and BAM–within twenty seconds, all one hundred coupons were gone! Pretty impressive. As a consolation prize, they sent out 20% off coupons to the remaining audience of wishful shoppers.

Here are my tactics for scoring high traffic deals with limited stock. It’s all about being prepared to be quick on the trigger in order to avoid the dreaded “Sold Out” message.

Check your baggage

First, dump your cookies, cache and temporary internet browsing files at the door. You don’t want any baggage weighing you down as you go for the checkout. Make a “hit” list of the products you want and target them specifically.


No better time to have your auto-fill than now. Get it set up or double check it. Most browsers have them under the preferences or tools on the window.

Lock and Load

Pull the site up in your browser and bookmark. Add the item to your cart. Also, it would be good to know the name, part or SKU number of the product. Open up a notepad file or Word .doc file to cut and paste any information you might need during the course of the checkout process–including that product information.

Flight check

Scan your tabs and windows, triple check the discount codes for validity and the expiration dates. Read your address and phone number information again.  Nothing worse than ordering a highly popular gadget only to get it sent to the wrong address!

Check the fine print

A few minutes to spare?  Then read over the store promotion and coupon policy. Are you ready? Grab your rabbit’s foot, four leaf clover or other lucky charm and make sure to get a place in the shopping cart checkout line. Good luck!

The odds are not out of reach. Even for high demand deals, such as the Target $3 appliances.

Have your eyes on any of specific deals and what are the chances of getting one? Are you one of the lucky few who has made it through and scored? I think the DealPros might be getting a few useful tips right about now!

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  1. SavingsIQ

    5 years ago

    i’m avoiding the black friday lines. way too packed for me. yay for cyber monday!

  2. obiepablo13

    5 years ago

    Interesting News! I just now printed Coupons of my Favorite Brands at

  3. DebtFreeDaniel

    5 years ago

    People are now really waiting for great deals in the internet for more shops holiday seasons pre-sale. Some maybe great but most are limited stocks only.

  4. pmauro

    5 years ago

    My favorite tip from the DealPros this weekend is to track price drops at this site:


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