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The bad news: It’s that time of year again, everyone dreads it. Unfortunately it has it be done…taxes. This year the IRS is asking that we wait until the middle of February to file. They aren’t ready for us.

Do you think they would extend the same courtesy if we said, “We aren’t ready for you, we will send out, oh, say June.” That probably wouldn’t go over so well. But, here we are ready to go and no where to send the tax forms to.

So get all your paper work together, sit tight and get ready for what I have dubbed (you heard it here first) “Frenzy February” when everyone files all at once. The good news: There are two free online offer for filing your taxes this year. When February gets here you can file from the comfort of your home. Both offers are for your federal return; if you have to file a state return there will be a fee for that form.

H&R Block: They are offering a freebie to prepare, print and e-file for your federal return. You have to create an account. On the next page you will be given choices to upgrade, but if you do that the offer is no longer free. Just click on “No thanks. Let’s continue” at the bottom of this page.

Turbo Tax: This is also for free to prepare, print and e-file for federal return. Again, create your account and don’t upgrade on the following page.

Good Luck!

Jackie lives in Seattle, her blog is Where there are hundreds of freebies up for grabs!

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