Free Valentine’s Day 2012 Craft eBooks


There’s something about a handmade gift that makes it extra special. Kids love making crafts to give as gifts, and grandparents love receiving them.There are some great crafts you can make, whether it’s a kid project or one for the crafting expert. No matter what your skill level, you’re covered! The kids will love making and playing the easy tic tac toe game from felt and the other kids crafts. If you’re a crafting pro, you can try your hand at the antique pearl box made from paper mache. It’s the perfect box to fill with candies or the perfect gift. There is even an ebook filled with crafts to make for men. There are 115 crafts to choose from below, so start making Valentines! 21 Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids: crafts include- Button Heart Ornaments, Decorated Valentine’s Bag for kids to collect their cards at school, Printable Candy Holder.
12 Valentine’s Day Gift for Boyfriends: crafts include – Be My Love Boxers, Wick Wax Candle,
Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder, Decorated Shot Glasses, Recycled Leather Belt Bracelets.

19 Crafts for Handmade Valentine’s Flower: crafts include – Crepe Paper Bouquet, Paper Rose Craft, Tissue Paper Topiary.

15 Last Minute Valentine Craft Ideas: crafts include – Pop Up Heart Card, Victorian Paper Valentine, Hearts Shrink Plastic Necklace.

39 Valentine Crafts for Adults: crafts include – Love Letter Bottles, Personalized Wine Bottle Wrap, Heart iPad Case, Valentine Table Setting with Custom Dinnerware.

History of Cupid for Crafters: Read the true story of Cupid as you learn to draw him and make Cupid crafts.

A Mug of Love: Take any mug you have and personalize it for Valentine’s Day.

Antique Pearl Box: Make this beautiful box then fill it with candy or the perfect gift.

Candy Bouquet: Paint a clay pot for your base then fill it!

Candy Kiss Mice: All I can say is, “too cute!”

Decorative Chocolate Box: Make an ordinary chocolate box into something extraordinary.

Cute Clay Pot Ferry: Use two clay pots and a few other items to make this cute ferry.

Foam Heart Frame: Super easy to make!

Foam ‘LOVE’ Letters: These are cute and you don’t have to use the word ‘love,’ you can do your initials or any other word.

Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Game: Easy! All you need is felt and glue or a marker.
All ebooks are from, check them out for more free Valentine craft ebooks.

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