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This week’s Guy and Yasar Show marks the first of three in a row done with one half of the team off on solo adventures. I’ll be handling the blog alone while Yasar travels through Turkey and Italy discovering first hand what video game culture is like in those countries. After that Yasar returns and takes over while I travel through the strange and wonderful land of New York City on the hunt for long lost arcades.

So, jumping right into this week’s feature, I want to take a look at some very cool ways to enjoy gaming for free on the internet. is a flash-based gaming site I recently stumbled on and honestly can’t get enough of games such as Heli Attack II, which is your classic side scrolling arcade game in the mold of Super Mario and shooters like Boxhead: The Zombie Wars.  

They add three new flash games every day and the site is broken down by genre. Everything from shooters to puzzle games, multi-player games, arcade games, sports titles, 3D games and card games can be found there. The site also has downloadable games as well as a MyArcade section that allows you to create a page and customize it with your favorite online games. To fully use that section though, you have to sign up for the site. I can’t give a full description of how cool or not cool the My Arcade section is because I have yet to sign up. I’m too busy enjoying all of the free games. It reminds me a lot of the mobile App we spoke about a while back Kongregate Arcade. Similar to that service, all games are played on the website with no fee attached.

On another “can’t beat free” front, for those of you who haven’t seen the recent television ads, Gamefly, the online video game rental company that is like Netflix for gaming aficionados, is currently offering an Extended Free Trial. All you have to do to get 14 days free is to go to the site, click on the old school Atari joystick in the upper right corner, and enter the special promo code from the commercial. That code would be: FLY. (Again, for those not currently viewing the ad on their TV).

The obvious perk is that the TV only code is better than the standard 10 day free trial already being offered on the website. The other benefit is that you obviously get to try out a great service for free before signing up. How do I know it’s great? I’m already a Gamefly customer myself. I was for a long time, but dropped the membership when the monthly cost became an unnecessary luxury. It was their recent commitment to lowering monthly fees and a great selection of used games for sale that brought me back. Oh yeah, and the free trial offer I initially took advantage of earlier this month didn’t hurt either when it came to enticing me back.

Next week, we’ll be taking a look at the recent release of Lego Star Wars III. We’ll also be looking at the rest of the games in that series that offer fun for all ages without resorting to epic depictions of violence to sell games.

Until next week, you can follow my tweets about all things relevant in the world of video games via Twitter @SavingsGCapes. Also be sure to follow Yasar’s video gaming adventures abroad @YasarSavings.

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