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A few entries ago, I offered y’all free motivation from iTunes, and today, I offer you free downloadable workouts courtesy of one of my favorite magazines; Women’s Health Magazine. Work Out Anywhere offers readers almost three dozen fitness workouts you can put on your MP3 player to take with you anywhere you go!

Traveling for work? Bust out your iPod. On vacation but had a few too many buckets of chips and salsa? Pull the Zune out of your suitcase. Once you’re done with your run to your previously downloaded workout music, load up your videos of yoga stretches and work out those tight muscles. One thing in particular I like about the Women’s Health Work Out Anywhere downloads is that the first screen you see offers you some basic information immediately:

For example:  “Get a Great Stomach,” users are provided a quick summary, “a new twist on the old crunch to flatten abs fast.” Beyond that information, the goals are explained in “stronger, firmer abs” and then, two more features that I was really impressed by: duration of (two weeks in this case) and cost (Free!).

There are various types of workouts offered:


Fat Frying Workout (burn fat, build muscle!), Make You Sweat (work up a sweat with these seven killer moves!) and Look Hot in Jeans (easy moves to help you slip–not squeeze–into your snuggest pair)

Strength training

Ultimate Arms, Trick out your Triceps and Perfect Exercise for Every Body Part


Stress Busting Yoga, Boost-the-Burn Yoga and Tone Up with Yoga.

I have seen varying durations offered for your training sessions as well.  There are workouts from two weeks to eight weeks in length available. Time-wise, most workouts seem to be less than 20 minutes, which is great if you are short on time or you just don’t feel like working out. Sometimes, in order to get a workout, you need to register with the site that offers it–this means you will have to provide an email to download it, but it’s worth it for me.

The one thing I’m not a huge fan on when it comes to these downloadable workouts is the fact that all of the people working out are model-like. While I understand the importance of encouragement in workout videos, sometimes I just like to see regular people trying to do what I’m working to do. The experts often make it seem so easy and I’m easily frustrated. In the long run though, finding the free stuff is always helpful and this is just one more weapon in your arsenal to stay healthy.

When working out, do you prefer to see regular people doing the moves or do you like the encouragement of the fitness experts?

When she’s not writing for, Sarah teaches health and science to high schoolers. You can also find Sarah at WEGO Health, where she is an advocate of improved health conditions for women and children of both the United States and globally and on her personal blog, Sarahndipitea.

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  1. WaryOptimist

    6 years ago

    This is awesome! Thanks for the heads-up — I’m browsing and downloading right now!

  2. Sarahndipitea

    6 years ago

    WaryOptimist – so glad that you’ve been able to find some workouts that you enjoy!

  3. coupiedoll

    6 years ago

    These are great!

  4. sara.m.d

    6 years ago

    I will be checking this site out. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. MBones

    6 years ago


  6. Sarahndipitea

    5 years ago

    CoupieDoll, Sara.M.D & MBones, thanks for the comments! Have you tried any of the workouts yet?


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