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I don’t know about  anyone else, but I don’t sleep much. Why? My husband snores and it’s loud (don’t tell him I told you). Unfortunately, other than going to a doctors office there isn’t much that can be done about it. There are a few over the counter remedies you can buy, but what if you buy them and they don’t work. You can try a couple of them for free and give them a try and pick the one that works best for you.

There is the SnoreRx Therapeutic Pillow Liner. This is easy to use, just remove the adhesive backing affix SnoreRx to the top of your pillow inside your pillowcase. SnoreRx’s patented essential oil delivery system is designed to enhance the air you breathe and open your nasal passages to help you get a better nights rest by suppressing your snoring. We haven’t tried this one yet, though I did order my free sample…..fingers crossed! To get yours, Click ‘free trial’ then add to cart and go through check out process, no credit card required. The form does ask for a phone number, I entered my area code then 999-9999 and it was accepted. The “free trial” for this product does notenroll you in any auto-shipment programs that you’ll have to cancel later. Breathe Rightalso has a freebie just click on ‘Free Samples & Special Offers’, then ‘Get a Free Sample’ on the next page to get the freebie form.
I have to admit my husband tried the Breathe Right sample. It’s one of those ‘he says she says’ answers. He says: It worked great, I slept soundly with both and felt more rested when I woke up. She says (that’s me): He may have slept better but he still snored!

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