Get an iZon Home Video Monitor for $79.99

Get an iZon Home Video Monitor for $79.99

Here’s everything I know about security cameras. They’re expensive. They’re a pain to install. They require lots of wiring. They’re the opposite of decor-friendly.

As Ygritte would say to Jon Snow: “You know nothing.” The iZon 2.0 is a decidedly modern (and modern-looking) home video monitor that requires no wiring, sets up in minutes, and won’t break the bank.

That last part is new. This camera has actually been around for a couple years, but I’ve always balked at its $129.95 price tag. No more balking: As of today, the company sells the iZon for $79.95, a price I find very palatable for a gizmo like this. (There’s also a Night Vision model, the iZon View,  that’s now $99.95, down from $149.95.)

Designed to serve as a baby and/or pet monitor or a home/business security cam, the iZon is a small white tube that stands about four inches high on a curved, magnetic base. Because it’s curved, you can angle the camera in a variety of ways–or even hang it upside-down. You’ll need to stay relatively close to an outlet, but the camera comes with an appreciably long power cord.

But that’s the only wire. The iZon connects to your home Wi-Fi network, streaming live images to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch by way of the free iZon app. (Sorry, Android users.) You can also configure it to send push notifications if it detects noise and/or movement, which is how it serves as a poor man’s security camera. Cooler still, it can record video and upload it directly to YouTube.

Of course, it’s the live video that lets you keep an eye on, say, the baby’s room, the babysitter, an elderly parent who’s living on his or her own, an empty house, and so on.

In my experience, that video isn’t always super-smooth–but it gets the job done. And this is such a handy item, it’s hard to quibble with some video glitches, especially considering that most wireless Webcams cost considerably more.

Indeed, at just $80 out the door, the iZon is definitely worth a look. And if you’re not in a huge rush, wait a month or two until that price change trickles into retail channels. You might be able to score one for even less.

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