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Have you ever wasted time running around the house looking for a pair of pants that you didn’t bother to lay out the night before because you knew exactly where they were…or so you thought? Have you rummaged through stacks of disheveled coupon inserts when a fabulous deal popped up with a coupon that you know you’ve seen before…somewhere?

Not only do these things make you mumble under your breath that you will never let them happen to you again, but they also cost you time and money. It’s pretty clear how being unorganized can waste your time. But how does it waste your money too? Well what happens when you don’t have something that you need? You buy it. And what happens when you can’t find something that you need? You buy another (even though you know it has to be around here somewhere).
Just like many other things, when organizing it’s best to start slow. Thinking about everything you would like to accomplish at once can be overwhelming. Focusing on one small area each day or even each week will help motivate you to take on more. Choose one area of your home that you feel causes the most chaos in your life. If it’s your coupons, start there. If your laundry is out of control and it takes way too much time every morning to get ready, start there.

You don’t need fancy and expensive storage containers, trays, or cabinets to get started. You’ll find lots of bins, boxes, baskets, and crates at the dollar store for, you guessed it, $1! Another great place to look for these is in the $1 bins at Target. Also, look around your home for things you can repurpose and get creative! Pretty up boxes that may be headed for the trash with scrapbook paper or fabric. Instead of tossing jars from pickles, sauces, and jelly use them to hold pens, crayons, or anything that needs a home. Lids can be decorated with paint, washi tape, or paper if you choose to keep it or just tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar and forget the lid.

A simple search for “organize” or “organization” on Pinterest will bring up tons of inspiring photos and DIY ideas that you can put to use in your home. One of my favorite ideas that I found on Pinterest can be used in pretty much any room of your home. No matter how much organizing I try to do in the playroom, it always seems that there are odds and ends that just don’t have a “place” to be put away. That’s why I love these cushioned crates! All that you need is a plastic crate made to hold hanging folders so it has the inner edge around the top of the crate. I got mine for only $3 each at Walmart during their Back-to-School sales. Cut a piece of plywood as the seat. You’ll need to cut it to fit inside the crate and rest on that inner edge. Glue 1″ foam to the plywood and cover in the fabric of your choice by upholstering with a staple gun. You can choose any color crate and any fabric to match the room of your home you would like to use your crate in. Inside you can store documents, toys, clothing…anything! And you’ll have created an extra seat or footrest in the process.

Kara Zoeller is founder of and a DealPro. She is a stay-at-home mom, couponer, and crafter and loves to share her favorite ways to save on groceries, craft supplies, gifts, and more!


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