Going Boldly Where No Gadget Has Gone Before


If you’re like me, then the new Star Trek movie has you wishing that some of that cool sci-fi seen on the screen was already possible. While photon torpedos, holodecks and teleporters are likely some ways off, there are some cool modern-day future tech items worth having today.

Here are five futuristic gadgets that boldly go where no one has gone before:

First up is the iPhone. It’s an MP3 player. No wait, it’s a touchscreen phone. Or is it a personal computer? With a seemingly endless stream of apps, Apples latest technological marvel puts the future in the palm of your hand. If you’re looking to become one of the many who have joined the iPhone craze, we have Cellhut coupons offering some great discounts–like this deal for $50-500 off select models.

Next up on our “future-is-now” list is the Blackberry, in all its wonderful iterations. From the Storm to the Curve (my personal favorite), you can literally play, work, or learn with these tiny repositories of fun. Work from your local coffee shop or surf the web while in the car. Think of this as the device for the non-iPhone hordes. With our T-Mobile coupons you can score discounts between $250 to $400 on select Blackberry models.

Handheld video games have come a long way. From square block baseball players to dual cameras and internet connectivity via the Nintendo DSi. Oh yeah, and it plays games too. Grab one with a Gamestop coupon (like this deal for free three day shipping) and see for yourself.

Lastly are two items that are not only practical, but pretty cool as well:

Flash drives give you the ability to transfer data from one source to the next with limitless effort and ease. Get a free flash drive when you purchase a Notebook or Tablet PC with one of our Fujitsu coupons.

Finally, this next gadget is great for all those who just hate to ask a stranger for directions. I’m talking about GPS systems. Those personal navigation devices that have revolutionized travel. Check out our Radio Shack coupons like this offer for up to 50% off select GPS units.

Live long and prosper people. The future is now!

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