Updated Google Search Page Offers Improved Results for Mac, PC and Mobile Users


Guy and Yasar. Yasar and Guy. Two names synonymous with debauchery, rampant acts of silliness, lowbrow sarcasm and rare instances of actual informative critique. Today we’ll attempt to be more of the latter, as the show that sparks a collective sigh of “What tha?!” across the internet is back.

As we write this, the tequila has yet to pour a mere few hours away from our Cinco de Mayo celebratory round of Guy laughs as Yasar dons beer goggles and heads across the bar to land a date. So before the rousing clarion call of “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila pour ” goes out, let’s talk tech.

Specifically, we want to speak about new changes to Google search–both on standard computers and on mobile devices. Guy : As far as mobile goes, Google has rolled out a new look according to the Google Mobile Blog . The new look of Google Search results for mobile includes easier access to advanced search functions and a redesigned user-friendly search options menu. Currently available on iPhones and Android powered devices, the goal of the new roll-out is to help users refine their searches down to the specific term they are interested in. News and Products menu options have also been added to increase the depth of possible results on a given topic. The overall layout is setup to provide a more fluid and accurate, in terms of relevant results, search experience.

Yasar : On the PC and Mac front, Google’s standard search engine has also received a bit of a facelift.  They plan on adding a left hand navigation panel to help you narrow your search.  If you search for something in the news, you’ll get Twitter and Facebook updates in the search results.  If you search for something entertainment-related, like “Dexter,” you’ll get links to images and videos. 

Another useful feature is going to be searching for products.  If you search for “Sony HDTV” you’ll get links to Google Products and maps showing you places where you can get a Sony HDTV in your area.  This will be useful for doing price comparisons if you plan on buying online or for finding the closest location to buy it from a store.  For more info you can check out the New York Times article on the Google Search Facelift .
Until next time, follow all of our posts on tech, video games, and other assorted nonsensical ramblings via Twitter @SavingsGCapes and @YasarSavings . And for those about to do shots…we salute you.

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