Grocery Savings Bootcamp: 10 things you need to know to become a savvy couponer


The grocery aisle. It can be overwhelming and disconcerting. Saving money – is it possible without a huge amount of stress and time spent preparing and clipping coupons? Like any undertaking, couponing is an adventure, but it’s an enjoyable one that has huge rewards at the check out. 

The DealPros are the ultimate resource for saving money, and they know how to get you started out right. Here are their top tips for getting you started and well on your way to becoming that savvy couponer you’re striving to be. 

1. Before you even begin, it’s important to understand ethics and the laws related to couponing. Check out how to use coupons legally and ethically

2. Along those lines, it’s important to be courteous to others while couponing and also understand coupon fraud.  

3. Now that you have a good foundation, here are five tips to get you started with grocery savings. My favorite? Look for those “Manager’s Specials” and other clearance deals. Sarah shares how she got started with couponing here, which is a inspiring post worth the read if you are just beginning on your journey. 

4.Savings on things like meat and produce is possible. Check out how to save on meat and how to save on produce
5. Is there such a thing as a coupon trap that can actually cost you more? Check out these coupon traps to avoid

6. Probably the most important aspect to saving money through couponing is to have a plan. Read up on how to prepare a grocery plan of action

7. Once you’re well down the path of saving money, stockpiling should be your next step. A lot of money can be saved through stockpiling, and it’s also a great way to be prepared!

8. It’s bound to happen. One day a cashier or manager will end up refusing your coupon. Here’s what to do if a store refuses your coupons

9. Savings on groceries doesn’t just happen at the grocery store. Check out these unconventional ways to save on groceries

10. And finally, learn how to avoid these budget busters. Yes, there are budget busters just waiting for you to pounce on them!

Are you new to saving money on groceries? Need even more tips? Check out these top grocery savings tips from SamiCone. Tell us about your best savings at the store so far!

Want to attend a Grocery Savings Class? To find a teacher and a class in your area you can visit our coupon classes page here. Plus, on September 26th, is teaming up with LearnVest to offer you a free grocery savings webinar. Mark you calendars!


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