Hallmark Collectible Ornaments: How to save money and get the best deals


Can you believe that Hallmark stores already have the Keepsake Ornaments on display? I went into my local Hallmark store just this past week, and already I felt like getting in the mood for the Christmas Season while looking at all of the beautiful Hallmark collectible ornaments (and it’s only July!). 

This year, Hallmark is celebrating 40 years of memories! So you know it’s going to be a fun year for Keepsake fans! They have special events and even special deals for those that join the Keepsake Ornament Club. 

What is the Keepsake Ornament Club?

Keepsake Ornament Club members get access to exclusive events and even exclusive Keepsake Ornaments.  Choose two of their three beautifully crafted membership ornaments for just $25 (a $40 value) and you’ll receive a 2013 Keepsake Ornament Club membership. Want all three? You can order the third ornament for the regular price of $20.
How Can I Save on Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments?

1. Join the Keepsake Ornament Club. 

Joining the Club for exclusive perks and deals is definitely the way to go. Plus, when you join the club you also receive 250 bonus points for joining if you are Crowns Rewards member (that’s free to join). 

2. Join Crowns Rewards (it’s free!). 

Earn points for all of your spending, and you’ll get special deals and coupons. 

  • 10 points for every dollar you spend 
  • 5 Bonus Points for every card you buy 
  • 100 Bonus Points for every three-card purchase 
  • Reward Dollars for the points you’ve earned that help you save on regularly priced Hallmark products at Hallmark Gold Crown stores 

3. Watch out for Hallmark coupons and coupon codes.

You can shop for Hallmark deals online and use Hallmark coupons, and watch for the various coupons that come out this Holiday season. 

4. Look for the in-store deals.

Right now Hallmark is offering a free with purchase item, which they regularly do throughout the Holiday Season. 

For many, Hallmark Collectible Ornaments are a regular tradition and a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Are you a part of the club? What are some of the ways you save money on the beautiful Keepsake Ornaments?

And be sure to keep up with all the best deals and Hallmark coupons

(Source: Savings.com)

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