Healthy tips and recipes that will keep you on track for 2013


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Have you revisited your new resolutions since you wrote them down somewhere? If you haven’t, this is a great time to sit down and see what’s working or not and if you haven’t started, it’s a good time to get going.

If staying healthy was one of your goals for this year, we caught up with some our DealPros to offer us some healthy tips or recipes that can help you with your efforts.
Keeping exercise interesting

Some people don’t like to exercise and some people don’t have the time. Whatever your reasons may be, you still can keep your exercise regimen interesting at any time or any place. Alea from Premeditated Leftovers offers her tips for fitting in short bursts of exercise into your day.

Organic shouldn’t mean expensive

When I tell people I shop organic, people automatically assume that I spend an arm and a leg. Shopping organic doesn’t have to be expensive. Read these tips from The Thrifty Mama on eating organic on a budget.

Healthy recipes that doesn’t taste like diet food

Crunchy cranberry lunch wrap by Mommy’s Wish List
Teriyaki lettuce wraps by I am THAT Lady
Chicken hummus wrap by A Frugal Chick
Fresh Salsa by The Coupon Challenge

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be rigorous or boring. You can switch up your exercise routine, eat food that doesn’t taste like cardboard and figure out new ways to help you meet your goals!

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