Herding Cats: Beatles on iTunes, Mobile Commerce Network and Nanoparticles?


This week we have billionaire stewardess Richard Branson losing a bet, a coyote on the loose in Chicago, Apple iTunes finally gets the rights to sell The Beatles…and red glowing trees.  Neatorama: Billionaire Richard Branson Loses Bet, Must Serve as Flight AttendantVirgin Atlantic owner and billionaire Richard Branson will be handing out peanuts and pouring lucky passengers gingerales on an upcoming Kuala Lumpur flight to London after losing a bet to Air Asia owner Tony Fernandes. The two bet that each other that their respective Formula 1 teams would outperform the other. Much like a game between the Redskins and the Cowboys, there was only a slightly better loser. Branson will be strapping on the high heels to make good on his promise.

Pop Sci: Trees Infused With Glowing Nanoparticles Could Replace Streetlights – Science! Researchers accidentally stumbled upon a possible solution to electricity, emissions and light pollution when inserting gold nanoparticles into leaves. The gold reacted with the chlorophyll to emit a red glow. Theoretically, we could replace street lamps with glowing trees. Science!

Gizmodo: Don’t Worry About That Coyote, Chicago, He’s Just Catching Rodents – Looks like a coyote has been set loose in the city of Chicago, charged with eliminating rodents. The coyote was seen gallivanting around downtown without a leash. After an investigation, officials concluded that it was PROBABLY a coyote purposefully set free, and the ones they set free are harmless. Probably. Not even gonna bother to check? Uh, okay…

BGR: Official: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon to launch mobile commerce network – This is pretty sweet, and might be a taste of the future we’ve all been waiting for. Major US mobile corporations are teaming up to set a standard and implement a commerce network. What’s a commerce network? It’s essentially electronic storage of credit, transit, and ID cards on your phone. Think of it as a FastPass, except universal. You can say goodbye to your wallet in a few years.

Wall Street Journal: Apple Finally Snares Beatles – For those of you that get your music on iTunes,  you’ll be glad to know The Beatles are finally available for download. For those of you who are asking how this could possibly be news, consider this: in 2009 Beatles album sales were the third highest in the country, coming in at 3.3 million. That’s 39 years after their break up. I think I’m more excited that I don’t have to hear about all the drama with property rights and holdouts and the like, though. 

Credit Card Chaser: The 5 Most Expensive Credit Cards of All Time (and How to Get the Same Perks for Cheap) – Open your wallet and take a peek:  Chances are you don’t have one of these exclusive club credit cards that come with amazing/mostly useless perks like on-call private jet service, personal shoppers, or even roadside assistance. The infamous Amex “Centurion” card has a $2,500 per year fee, and requires you to spend over $250,000. The Visa White Card only costs $1,500 per year, but doesn’t provide commercial airline discounts. The Visa Student Debit (what I have) costs $5 per year, and provides you with absolutely nothing. On a serious note, though, is there really a demand for all these high-end cards? 

That’s it for this week, people. Anyone else looking forward to a short next week?!?

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