Herding Cats: Best Android Apps, Diaspora vs. Facebook and Fried Beer


A week after iHuppp was named the inheritor of my Friday Herding Cats post here on the Savings weblog, he flaked out on it to do his law school homework. So I’m back. For now. To be fair though, he did just redeem himself a bit by returning to our apartment with a 30-rack of Natty Light. Good man! The Daily Mail: Anything To Declare? Shocked Airport Officials Find Drugged Tiger Cub In Passenger’s Suitcase Among Soft Toys – SMUGGLING FAIL. X-rays generally reveal when something is filled with bones and organs, so I don’t think hiding the poor guy amongst stuffed animals was all that helpful. It’s too bad for the Thai woman who tried to get him through security, though, because it turns out that domesticated tigers make awesome housepets. In other international miraculous animal discovery news: Lola the British trash bin cat is a national hero and Fudge the British kitten survived a 5-minute spin in her owner’s tumble dryer after sneaking inside it for an ill-advised nap on a freshly-cleaned duvet cover.

MainStreet: $578 Million Public School Opens in LA – I’m pretty sure you could build a decent university campus with this much money. The Los Angeles Unified School District spending it on a public K-12 school, however, is kind of like a homeless person financing the construction of their own sprawling mansion. Good thing LA’s school children will still have solid-gold desks and leather armchairs when all their teachers get laid off!

Lifehacker: Our List Of The Best Android Apps – Here’s a solid list of essentials for your Droid. I strongly agree with the need for PDAnet (free tethering), Google Voice (get all your messages within the app without the stupid audio menus of default voicemail), and Astro File Manager (find, move, and copy files, re-organize your folder structures, etc.). What Android really needs, though, is a decent music player.  After much experimentation I’ve found that the stock music app is currently the best, cleanest all-around choice, but it doesn’t even let you sort albums by track number yet. Unforgivable. I can has Android iTunes?

Wired: Open-Facebook Competitor Diaspora Sets Sept. 15 Launch Date – Any of us who belonged to the real Facebook of 2004-2006, when it was restricted to students with a valid university email address, would give anything to rid the now-default social network of adults, spammers and those creepy kids from high school who never went to college or even left town. That’s obviously impossible, so the best we can hope for is a fresh start on Diaspora, the aptly-named challenger to Mark Zuckerberg’s personal-data-mining, targeted-ad-spewing monstrosity. If you’re a fellow modern Facebook hater, get excited for September 15th!

Consumerist: Fried Beer… The Name Says It All – Many of us have longed for the effects of alcohol in food form…and now our prayers have been answered. What I don’t appreciate is this guy patenting and hogging the recipe all to himself.   You better mass produce, buddy, or you’re going to have an angry American populace on your hands.

That does it for this week’s five-pack of not-really-at-all-finance-related newsbits. Time to enjoy that 30-rack of Natty!

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  1. Allegra.Ringo

    4 years ago

    I knew the fried beer would have something to do with fairs! That sounds good, but as the article pointed out, it looks like the beer just spills out onto the plate after the ravioli thing is punctured. Bite-sized would have been a better way to go. WHY WASN’T I CONSULTED?

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