Herding Cats: Droid X Update, iPod Touch FM Radio and Security Bears, oh my!


This week we have an interesting hodgepodge of odds and ends…and you should read it because it involves bears, pizza burgers, and the Supreme Court. Engadget: Droid X Upgrade To Android 2.2 Leaks Out – Good news for Droid X owners is that the official OTA Froyo update has leaked and is ready for your pleasure. While Froyo has been ported to other phones, what’s notable here is that this is not a ROM, so everything on your phone will work swimmingly. All Droid X users should download the .zip file and start using it. Or, you know, wait a couple weeks for Verizon to push it to you, if that’s your thing.

Ars Technica: Supreme Court Told P2P Users Can Be “Innocent Infringers” – The Supreme Court only hears 1% of cases totaling 100 per year. We should all be thankful our Justices granted cert here:  The “innocent infringer” defense was severely limited when the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal held that P2P infringers are aware content is copyrighted because it notifies consumers on physical CD labels. This moronic disconnect is addressed in the Amicus brief which argues, logically, that digital and physical content are so fundamentally dissimilar a party cannot be notified of copyright in the same manner. What we’d ideally like to see here is the Supreme Court overturn the Appeals decision and continue to allow the 70% statutory damages award decrease the “innocent infringer” defense enjoys.

Consumerist: Broadcasters, Labels, Want To Force FM Radio Into Your iStuff – The National Association of Broadcasters and the RIAA are in cahoots to force Apple to include FM transmitters in their playback devices. While some consumers would actually use this, it’s more of a move to save a dying technology. The duo plans to push laws through to make it happen in the near future. Translation: Apple, make new chips so people can listen to Gaga!

Eater: Behold The BK Whopper Bar Featuring The NY Pizza Burger – If you’re in New York, you now have another way to clog your arteries: the NY Pizza Burger. Apparently it’s a pizza-inspired burger-thing that includes oregano and pasta sauce. While it surely isn’t as appealing as KFC’s Double Down, I’d give this 9.5″ monstrosity a chance, even though it hasn’t gotten that great of reviews.

Gizmodo: The Ultimate Marijuana Farm Security System: Bears – I’m really digging the green, alternative security choice here: black bears. It’s fairly fitting that this strange, outrageous idea was that of marijuana dealers, although I’m sure they originally wanted dragons but couldn’t find any.

Alright folks, go tell all your friends about these security bears. But don’t try it.

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