Herding Cats: Google Offers, the Comcast NBC Deal and Time to Buy GE Stock

Herding Cats: Google Offers, the Comcast NBC Deal and Time to Buy GE Stock

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The New York mafia went down this week, along with our hope that internet and cable giant Comcast would fail in acquiring NBC Universal. At the same time we have reason to be hopeful, as Google readies itself for a Groupon-esque service and GE finally reports promising numbers.  Washington Post: Update: FCC, Justice approve Comcast and NBC joint venture – Internet and cable giant Comcast got the FCC’s stamp of approval on their acquisition of NBC Universal, which controls MSNBC, NBC, USA, and Bravo channels. Altogether, Comcast now services 16.7 million households for internet and 23 million for cable. We don’t have reason to fear, however, because the FCC imposed anti-competitive conduct restrictions on Comcast aimed to keep them from abusing their power of having so much control over shows and infrastructure. Anybody else think it’ll help?

DailyMail UK: The Mafia family tree: FBI flowchart reveals 127 ‘mobsters’ arrested in biggest ever blitz on New York’s crime empires – 127 people is a lot to arrest for any sort of raid, but police forces yesterday executed decade’s worth of criminal investigation with amazing success. Capturing head bosses of the major New York and New England crime families, as well as underbosses and soldiers, the mafia is the weakest it’s ever been in the United States. What’s weird is how old these guys actually are. Amongst the charges are the usual conspiracy, racketeering, and murder–and the list may grow if even 5% start talking.

Cash Money Life: How to Answer Illegal Interview Questions – If finding a new job is on your list of 2011 New Year’s resolutions, check out Ryan’s post on how to deftly navigate your way through sticky interview questions. Just because it’s illegal for an interviewer to ask if you’re married doesn’t mean it won’t happen–so it’s best to be prepared with a strategy of how to field these types of questions before you’re sitting in the hot seat. And maybe one day, they’ll make it against the law to ask job applicants “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” Um, your job–duh!

Jalopnik: The JFK Ambulance Is A Fake – If you haven’t heard yet, a notable physician claiming to have the ambulance that was used to escort JFK was supposed to be put on auction and fetch a handsome price. Problem is, car historians have dug a little deeper and done some investigation that suggests inconsistencies with photographs and testimony concerning the car. For example, the lettering on the side of the ambulance is different than period pictures depict. Additionally, the Kennedy clan claims to have destroyed the ambulance in 1986 in a random Boston junkyard. Looks like this scheme was foiled.

CNN: Google to launch Groupon competitor – Sources say that Google is preparing to launch a Groupon-esque service that offers up one-day deals at significant discounts. This is probably the aftermath of the failed Groupon buyout for $6 billion a couple months ago. More importantly for us consumers, however, is that Google is forging ahead. With a brand as big as theirs and their history of amazing products, we can be sure that we’re going to get some quality deals in the future that are competitive with Groupon and LivingSocial, two of the biggest group-deal sites out there.

NY Times: General Electric’s Earnings Help Lift Wall Street – Finally, General Electric has succeeded analyst’s expectations and reported strong Q4 growth. Apparently GE’s net income rose 51% because of equipment orders and lending, causing a 5.7% increase in their shares. This would have been great news for Wall Street if Bank of America hadn’t spoiled the party by reporting a loss of $1.6 billion. Still, this is pretty good and unexpected news.

Also in good news: The weekend! Enjoy.

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  1. Allegra.Ringo at 12:56 am

    That post about illegal interview questions is really handy! Employers ask those questions way more often than you’d think. I once worked for a company that was interviewing a woman who’d recently gotten married. The interviewer asked her, “so, are you planning on having kids soon?” Ugh.

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