Herding Cats: Kindle Fire vs. iPad, Walmart Pepper Spray and Other Black Friday 2011 News

Herding Cats: Kindle Fire vs. iPad, Walmart Pepper Spray and Other Black Friday 2011 News

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This week we have (surprise!) Black Friday tips, Black Friday mayhem, a Black Friday infographic, an app to predict price drops, to Kindle or iPad, that is the question–and Muppets. Also, more Muppets. L.A. Times: Shootings, pepper-spray attack mar Wal-Mart Black Friday sales –  People, please. Injuring people to buy some presents is totally senseless.  You have to wonder if the woman saw the pepper-spraying police officer at UC Davis and thought to herself, “A police officer is using it on those kids, why can’t I?”  Which piles a bad situation on a bad situation.  Use the internet this Black Friday and no one gets hurt. I don’t just say this because it’s Savings M.O., but because Black Friday is a throwback to the pre-internet days when it really was the only way to save money.  Now it’s one of many.

Mashable: Buy Now or Wait: An iPhone App Can Help You DecideHere’s the future of saving money:  It’s not enough to check the sales to see when a store is going to drop prices, but you can also play the marketplace like the stock market. The app predicts when a gadget’s price will go down based on overall market activity. We all know that gadgets go down in price over time, but this app tells you when that might occur, so you can shop accordingly. Pretty cool.

Gigaom: iPad or Kindle Fire: Which should you buy? –  If you’re in market for something to use the above app, Apple is offering a rare iPad discount. But what about the Kindle Fire, which is $300 cheaper to begin with? I haven’t held the Fire yet, but if you’re only looking for something to read books and browse the web, then get a Fire. If you want something with more productivity, get an iPad. I wrote an entire book on an iPad using the Notepad app and the Fire just wouldn’t be able to do this. Yet.

Mint: A City-by-City Guide to Americans’ Black Friday Spending – Cool infographic from Mint about where the most Black Friday shopping happens, and on what. The verdict, if you’re in New York City, you’re spending more money than everyone else, so watch out. This either means people in New York have more money (true) or everything’s more expensive (also true).

Donna Freedman: Occupy Black Friday: A grab-bag of tips  Maybe a little too late to prepare and plan for your Black Friday savings–but if you’re here, your plan was probably to avoid getting pepper-sprayed and shop online.  So good tips here for things to look out for with your Black Friday shopping. Avoiding purchasing a warranty is a big one. There are certain products where a warranty is highly recommended–AppleCare for one. But there are free warranties available.  Also, check out a service like Square Trade, which offers discounts on warranties.

io9: The New Muppet Movie is the Real Thing – Finally, Muppets. I’m hugely looking forward to this and plan on seeing it this weekend.  I’m a Muppets kid with a daughter who’s not really a Muppets kid, so nice to be able to share the experience.

Seen it yet?  Planning to?

On that note: Video of the Week: “Movin’ Right Along”

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