Herding Cats: Mother’s Day 2011, bin Laden’s Last Stand and Steve Carell Leaving The Office

Herding Cats: Mother’s Day 2011, bin Laden’s Last Stand and Steve Carell Leaving The Office

This week we cover the BIG news about bin Laden, then somehow segue into Mother’s Day, space travel, freaked-out customers, the fungicidal properties of mouthwash, and Steve Carell’s departure from “The Office.” National Journal: The Cost of bin Laden: $3 Trillion Over 15 Years – Can’t talk about the events of this week without the biggest event.  The National Journal puts it in economic perspective: bin Laden was the most expensive enemy the country’s ever seen to the tune of 3 trillion dollars.  Our current economic woes are very much a direct result of 9-11:  all the money that has gone into Homeland Security departments and wars overseas could have been used at home and we wouldn’t be facing our current deficit.  This is by no means meant to overshadow the human cost of 9-11, but getting bin Laden may have long-term positive effects for the economy.

Surviving and Thriving: For Mother’s Day, think beyond flowers – Onto sunnier subjects, this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  If you’re like many people, you may wait until Saturday to get a gift (or even Sunday if it’s flowers).  Donna Freedman has some good tips for Mother’s Day beyond the typical–and thanks especially for the SDC shoutout!  Maid services or spa treatment are both great ideas (and they don’t need shipping so you can get them in a pinch).  Better yet, send her to Rancho Relaxo.  Not the 2-star Springfield resort, the Mexican restaurant in Toronto.  Actually, don’t do that.

Wisebread: 19 Money-Saving Uses for Mouthwash – I wouldn’t put all of these in the money-saving category.  Mouthwash isn’t cheap itself, so using it instead of buying Purell for hand sanitizing won’t necessarily save you a huge amount of money.  But some of the are interesting: glass cleaner, laundry machine cleaner, make cut flowers last longer, and all-purpose fungicide.  Good tips for campers if you’re out in the woods and suddenly have a…fungus problem–and only a bottle of mouthwash. 

Mint: Four Unbelievably Stupid Things No Customer Should Do – One of these is fake viral marketing, but the subtitle to this post should be: Four Stupid Things No One Should Do in Any Circumstance Ever.  Unfortunately, for one woman, she actually got a free plane ticket after her bad behavior, which isn’t the greatest lesson.  Doesn’t make it right though.  “Don’t Have a Cow” is a good life lesson, whatever the scenario.

Business Insider: 10 of Google’s Weirdest Investments – Proof that huge companies like Google are like their own country. When a company is investing in low-income housing, it becomes more than just an investment.  Some of these are weird though, like a human-powered monorail.  But most seem to be pretty positive – investments in alternative energy, genetic testing, and the like. What I want to see (and what I’d do if I were someone like Bill Gates) is investment in people-powered spacecraft technology to take us to Mars (not just the Lunar X Prize).  Because I’m a space geek.  Though the Lunar X Prize is pretty cool, and a step in the right direction, NASA’s not doing it so private companies should.

Office Tally: The Office: The Inner Circle, 7/23 – OK, I just feel like venting a little bit.  Are you a fan of “The Office”? I am, and it’s getting to the point where characters are no longer acting like themselves, including Michael Scott’s departure last week.  Will Ferrell’s character made very little sense–at least when Michael Scott was being awful, he was also a puppy dog in other ways.  That was the genius of Carell’s performance.  Anyway, seems like the show got away from the writers. Here’s what I think should happen: the office “documentary” finally gets broadcast on TV.  They all become famous.  Michael Scott starts making movies.  This would be way meta and possibly a total disaster, but it would be interesting.

How about you?  An “Office” fan?  Hopeful about this show going forward?

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  1. Allegra.Ringo at 11:04 pm

    I used to really like The Office, but I think it jumped the shark a couple of seasons ago. I agree with you that the characters are inconsistent now – I think they’re just out of places for their stories to go. I wish they would end it soon so it could go out (somewhat) gracefully, but I think it’ll stick around as long as the ratings are high.

  2. stella.louise at 11:24 pm

    I actually really liked Steve Carell’s final episode. It made me laugh and I also teared up on a couple of occasions.

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