Herding Cats: Obama’s Budget, Soap Operas Cancelled and Weird Ways to Save Money


This week was Obama’s big budget speech, so we pore through the reactions of the punditry and the presidents-to-be.  Also, we have a total of 35 tips to save money.  Finally, a couple posts about the demise of a cultural institution (soap operas) and not such a cultural institution (the Flip HD camera). Andrew Sullivan: Obama’s Moment of Fiscal Truth Reax – Andrew Sullivan always has a good rundown of major speeches/moments and the reaction.  He’s an Obama supporter, but he still throws in reaction from the other side.  My own reaction: Obama’s very good at making speeches–we know this.  I’m more interested in action at this point. Among the punditry, the reaction to the speech was mostly positive.

Huffington Post: Obama Budget Plan Panned By Potential GOP Presidential Candidates – Alternate title: The Inevitable Happens.  It’d be nice if we could get honest dialog and debate about the budget, rather than incessant campaigning, but that’s what it’s going to be like for the next year and a half.  If Obama makes a proclamation that unicorns are nice, the Republicans will find fault with it. “Obviously, a man who believes in mythical creatures cannot be trusted.”  Touché.

Wisebread: 25 Frugal Changes You Can Make Today – Wisebread has a nice post about cutting your budget.  Yeah, I could imagine someone reading that list and thinking, “I do that already!” but a refresher can be helpful.  Just this morning I obeyed the speeding one.  Instead of pressing on the gas to get to a red light, I just coasted.  Score!  I probably only saved a couple of cents, but it’s the little things.  I also recently emptied out the trunk to give the car less weight.  Gas prices are mad right now.

CBS Moneywatch: Save Money: 10 Weird Ways – If the Wisebread post was too standard, here are some more off-the-wall ideas.  Some tips: never buying books (same thing can potentially be done at the library with CDs and DVDs), fixing your toilet to save on water, and finding ways to never pay for parking.  That makes 35 ways total to save money–get moving!

NY Times: The Tragic Death of the Flip – Heard that they’re going to discontinue Flip video cameras?  You might think, “Well, of course, cell phone cameras killed the portable video camera.”  Not exactly.  The Flip was actually doing quite well and was coming out with amazing new features, such as real-time streaming.  These things may one day be part of every smartphone, but we’re not there yet.  It seems Cisco wanted to cannibalize its own product–meanwhile firing 550 people.  Sort of sad, really.

Fox News: Soap Operas ‘All My Children,’ ‘One Life to Live’ Canceled After Decades on Air – In other cancellation news…I’m not a soap watcher so I had no idea there were only six left on the air–and after the new cancellations, there will only be four.  The reason for the declining ratings: more women in the workforce equals fewer viewers.  Also competition from cable, and moms watching kid-friendly shows with their kids.  By 2020, soaps may be a thing of the past.

How about you?  Sad about soap operas’ demise? 

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  1. stella.louise

    4 years ago

    I’m gonna miss One Life to Live (sniff!), but to say soaps are a thing of the past is not quite accurate. Daytime dramas (the preferred terminology by those who work on them) may very well be dead, but soaps (see: Dallas, Dynasty, Melrose Place, LOST, 24, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, etc.) will never go away.

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