Herding Cats: The End of the BoA Debit Card Fee, Eating Roadkill and a Dancing Squirrel


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This week we have ways to save a mucho dinero on hot dog buns (well, 20 cents), forgoing expensive shoes by running barefoot, sticking it to the banks, dating at Wal-Mart, a tasty recipe for roast badger and a ballet dancing squirrel. Daily Finance: Save Your Sole and Your Budget: Run Barefoot – Running enthusiasts recommend this so I’ll take their word for it, but it sort of reminds me of that (off color) joke by Jerry Seinfeld about the blind: “I’d always be worried if there were bugs in my food.” If I was running barefoot, I’d always be worried about landing on a chunk of glass or something else.  Exercising while anxious isn’t the best idea.  The article says cheap moccasins or ballet slippers could also work.  Podiatrists are on the fence if this is a good idea.  The overall verdict is that expensive running shoes aren’t necessarily better–feet were designed to run all on their own.

Mint: Fee You Later: Big Banks Back Off Debit Card Fees –  Bank of America blinked and will not be charging $5 for debit payments.  So people’s outrage led to some good.  However, this isn’t the end–banks will just try to find fees somewhere else.  US News has a good post outlining the advantages of using a pre-paid card.  Generally, they’re a good way to avoid fees and curb overspending.  People advocate using cash because you can only spend what you’ve got on hand–a prepaid card is a more-convenient version of the same idea.

Universe.BYU.edu: Save money, live better, go on dates – This is a new thing, really? So: people on dates are playing a game where they try to restock random items before their date can, and then the loser pays for dinner or something else.  I guess it could be fun–though Walmart doesn’t quite scream, “Romance.”  It’s also for couples who don’t mind being sort of domestic on a first date.  But it’s cheap, and more power to these couples if they’re having fun.

Wisebread: Recession Survivor: Would You Eat Bugs and Roadkill to Cut the Grocery Bill? – This is fairly disgusting–but so are hotdogs.  In the hierarchy of things to do to save money, eating roadkill is somewhere near the bottom.  But people are doing it!  What’s particularly awesome about this article is that it has a recipe for roasted badger: “Mix cooked, chopped badger liver, a glass of pig’s blood, two egg yolks and a pot of creme fraiche and serve immediately.”  Creme fraiche: classy!

ABC News: Pre-Made Food vs. Making Food: Which Saves More Money? – Speaking of hot dogs, here’s a video (Warning: plays automatically!) about how you can save money preparing food rather than buying it.  Hot dog buns cost $.37 per bun in the store, but only $.17 if you make them yourself.  I wonder if utilities costs are factored into this:  gas, light, water for washing dishes.  Time is money too, so it’s only an option if you have the time to prepare all this stuff.  But the book the video’s based on looks interesting.  Check it out: Make the Bread, Buy the Butter.

Ever eat roadkill?  I think I know the answer.

Video of the Week: What did we do before the internet to get our daily fix of a squirrel in a tutu dancing to Bach?

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  1. SavingsIQ

    3 years ago

    so glad that b of a is backing out of the $5 debit card fee. they would have lost a ton of customers.

  2. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    It’s always cheaper to cook for yourself than to buy food out, even simple food like hotdogs. It’s not about money sometimes, it’s about convenience. I think everyone needs a break from cooking every now and again.


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