Herding Cats: The Regifting and Christmas Cat Wrapping Edition


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This week we have self-gifting, cooking gourmet from the pantry, smartphones killed the digital camera star, Boxing Day, answering the eternal question: do women overuse credit cards?, and tips for regifting.

Also, cat wrapping. USA Today: After years of saving, shoppers treat themselves – Do you buy yourself a Christmas gift every year? I do–well, not every year, and not exactly on Christmas because that would be weird–but it definitely seems like a good time to self-gift if you can afford it.  The numbers are up this year: 60% are self-shopping this year, up from 57%.  This isn’t too surprising, given that this has been an up year for shopping overall.  It’s not like everyone’s suddenly become more self-involved. The Black Friday numbers are interesting–up 10% from last year.

Cypress Creek Mirror: Know what’s in your pantry to save money – When I lived overseas for a year (in France) I watched English TV. I was particularly addicted to one show, “Ready Steady Cook” where two top chefs are given a handful of everyday ingredients–such as baby corn, soy sauce, and a can of tuna fish–and then instructed to make a gourmet meal out of it. It is awesome. I wonder why that show has never come to the U.S.  Anyway: pantry=potential culinary goldmine.

PC Mag: Study: Smartphones Putting Serious Hurt on Point-and-Shoot Camera Sales – This is entirely unsurprising.  Why carry around two devices when you can have one?  One of the greatest advantages of the smart phone is the ability to have a camera on you at all times.  As time goes on, the megapixel quality of smartphone cameras are only going to get better, so this will eat into low-end cameras even more.  Even so, smartphones may never be able to eat into the high-end market, but you never know with how fast technology is improving.

Guardian: Boxing Day sales to start on Christmas Eve – online – Along the lines of Andy Warhol’s “In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes” I’d like to add: “In the future every single day will be a different holiday.” Not to knock Boxing Day, because it’s a real thing–though it’s more of a U.K. thing. From Wikipedia: “Boxing Day is a bank or public holiday that occurs on December 26, or the first or second weekday after Christmas Day, depending on national or regional laws. It is observed in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and some other Commonwealth nations.” If you’re a UK shopper, check out Savoo’s Boxing Day deals.

Bargaineering: Do Women Really Spend Too Much? – That’s a pretty contentious title, but it turns out it’s really not that controversial.  The gist is that, yes, women spend more–but that’s because they’re also more likely to do more of the shopping in general–for kids, for the house, even for husbands.  And while women spend more on clothes and makeup, men spend more on gadgetry, so that sort of evens out.  Maybe it’s one of those cliches that needs to go away:  women go mad with a credit cards. Sort of like men always forget anniversaries. Maybe some men do, but it seems more like a sitcom punchline than reality.

Mint: The Do’s and Don’ts of Regifting – True story: my daughter’s teacher gave out little prizes for doing good things in class. My daughter received a glass rose, nice. Only, a boy in her class said, “Wait, that’s what I gave her for Valentine’s Day.”  Hey, teachers, don’t do this.  Apparently, December 18 is National Re-Gifting Day.  What did I say above about every day being a different holiday? Basic rule, if something is truly crappy that you don’t want it, pawning this off on someone else isn’t the best idea–unless it’s a situation where the recipient truly won’t care.

Have a great holiday!

Video of the Week: Never in a million years would my cat allow me to do this:

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