Herding Cats: Unemployment Rate, Starz Ditches Netflix and…Chickens?

Herding Cats: Unemployment Rate, Starz Ditches Netflix and…Chickens?

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This week we have the jobs report & the smog report, Starz ditches Netflix, the media frenzy about Hurricane Irene, popular blogs getting hacked, and two stories about chickens–with bonus chicken video. L.A. Times: No new jobs added in August as unemployment rate holds at 9.1% – So the jobs report is grim, on the same day that Obama eases EPA restrictions, which is no accident.  The general conventional wisdom is that people care about jobs, jobs, jobs–but job growth is slowed somewhat by environmental regulations.  Are people open to new jobs at all costs?  It’s an important question, because not everyone would agree with jobs by any means necessary–so the mantra “jobs, jobs, jobs” may be an oversimplification.

Daily Beast: Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hype, or Helpful? – The debate’s on about the news coverage about Irene and if it went overboard.  In my opinion: yes.  On the one hand, 4 million people were without power and this is a major story.  But if you watched the coverage, this was reported with some amount of disappointment.  Simply put: the media seemed to want to report on death and destruction, as this would be more “dramatic.”  And that’s deeply unhealthy.  Helping people get prepared is one thing–hoping they’re not is another. 

PC World: Starz Ditches Netflix and Everybody Loses — Especially Consumers – This is a real bummer.  The selection on Netflix was pretty bad already.  It may be me, but it’s strange when there are hundreds of streaming movies on Netflix and I want to see none of them.  Maybe I’ve been burned too many times by “What’s that?  How bad can it be?”  So, so bad.  The Oatmeal gets it right.  Now with Starz ducking out, the pickings will be even slimmer.  This is so dire a situation that Netflix will have to find some alternate movie sourcs.  On the heels of them raising the prices on DVDs to encourage more streaming, it makes for a very bad business model.

Lazy Man and Money: Lazy Man Sites Hacked and the Lessons We Can All Learn From It – This is pretty interesting and informative.  SDC favorite blog Lazy Man and Money had some of its network of sites hacked.  If you run a blog of any size this something worth reading to understand, as hacking is getting worse.  Anonymous seems to be doing it at will even on highly secure government sites.  Unfortunately, hackers are pretty adept so there’s no fool-proof solution to preventing it, so be certain to upgrade your blog software regularly. In a way updating acts like an anti-virus because blog coders will eliminate new holes in the system with each new update.  Also be sure to back up regularly in case something does happen.

Mint: Urban Chickens: Frugal Fad or Pricey Pastime? – Or, alternate title: something I’ve never heard of.  I’ve heard of urban homesteading, but thought that was mainly about sustainable energy (solar) and growing your own vegetables–not livestock.  When you’re talking about the price of food, eggs are generally on the low end–especially when measured against the cost of buying, housing and raising chickens.  That said, it can be fun and fulfilling, so go for it if you’re interested.  But saving money seems low on the list of reasons to do this.

Money Crashers: 6 Weird But Successful Small Business Ideas – Who would have thought there would be two chicken posts in one round-up?  This post has some innovative business ideas, including Rent-a-Chicken, which helps urban chicken farmers get started.  I guess this chicken thing is bigger than I thought.  As Rent-a-Chicken is only in Missouri, you have a chance not only to be a chicken farmer but a chicken entrepreneur.  Other ideas: hangover helpers, a place to smash plates, and a kind of litter box for dogs.  Weird, but ultimately good and money-making ideas.

Any interest in raising chickens?  Let us know in the comments.

Cat video of the week.  Yeah, this is appropriate. Actually, YouTube’s got a lot of cat vs. chicken videos.

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  1. ChuckG at 7:44 pm

    I live in the desert but we’re not rural in that these are suburban neighborhoods out here. I hear rooster every single day. Not the sound I want to hear before dawn, but hens/roosters are allowed out here. I think it has a lot to do with city ordinances. I would first call to make sure you can have chickens before you build a small hen house out back.

  2. Allegra.Ringo at 7:57 pm

    The other day, my boyfriend and I met a woman whose chicken was foster-mothering a kitten. It was seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Apparently certain types of hens, when they’re roosting, will foster-parent various babies of other species by sitting on them to keep them warm (the same way they do with their own eggs). Who knew?

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