Herding Cats: Verizon iPhone Arrives 2011, Tennesse Firefighers Let House Burn and Donkey Kong Country Returns

Herding Cats: Verizon iPhone Arrives 2011, Tennesse Firefighers Let House Burn and Donkey Kong Country Returns

People, the iPhone is coming to Verizon, Donkey Kong and Goldeneye 007 are coming to the Wii, and the FBI is coming to get ya. Also, the first permanent robotic heart was installed, which you’ll probably need after the heart attack you’ll get after watching your house burn to the ground while firefighters observe from across the street. 

Wall Street Journal: Apple Readies Verizon iPhone – Not to beat a dead horse, but the Wall Street Journal reported again that a Verizon iPhone is coming Q1 2011. This rumor has gained momentum in the last six months, but nothing has surfaced officially from Verizon or Jobs. In fact, Verizon has said it will not be coming out with an LTE iPhone. This should not be confused with a CDMA iPhone, which would operate on the same network but won’t be compatible with the higher network speeds Verizon will be rolling out in the next three months. Don’t believe it? You should. It’s been about two months since I was told by a family friend at Qualcomm that it’s happening. But do you care? I don’t. Droid Incredible…I love you.

Gizmodo: Young Boy Becomes First Human to Live With a Permanent “Robot Heart” – A 15 year-old boy became the world’s first mini heart recipient. Duchenne Syndrome is eating his muscles away, prohibiting an actual transplant. Instead, scientists have given him an extra 25 years of life by virtue of a tiny hydraulic pump inserted in his left ventricle. Modern Frankenstein, anyone?

Consumerist: Didn’t Pay $75 Fee? Firefighters Watch Your Home Burn To Ground – If your county doesn’t provide fire coverage automatically, logic would say you’d pay them for the service. An unlucky Tennessee fellow watched his house burn down as the fire department stood by. I’m certain the actual firemen wanted to lend a hose, but were instructed not to by the county. Upset? No human was injured. The animals inside are another story. Did the county have a duty to save the animals, and should they be liable for their omission to act?

Wall Street Journal: Rare Find: A New Language – Two linguists discovered a new language named “Koro” in northeastern India. Considering that every two weeks the last speaker of an existing language dies–and the language with it–this is a pretty sweet find. The Tibeto-Burman region is home of 150 unique languages, making it roughly 0.02% of all known languages (on Earth). 

CNN: Classic Video Game Series Making A Comeback – Remember those Super Nintendo and N64 classics you love, but whose graphics look like a Tetris game on a mid-90s CRT? Get excited. Donkey Kong is coming to the Wii by year’s end with updated graphics. Still not excited? NBA Jam, Goldeneye 007, and Tron: Revolution are all slated to come to consoles in the next three months, too. I cannot wait to rekindle my late nights and afterschool R&R when these release. But like any true gamer, I’m not selling my old systems.

Engadget: American Student Finds GPS Tracker Stuck To Car, FBI Shows Sp To Reclaim Its ‘Federal Property’ – 20 year-old student Yasir Afifi was treated to a special surprise when he took his car into the shop for repairs. The mechanic found a long cylindrical device with an antenna. A bomb? Worse: It turns out the FBI is tracking him because his father is Egyptian. We should give him props for snapping some pictures and uploading them to Reddit, where it will never, ever disappear. I don’t know what would I’d be more upset over–the actual surveillance, or the fact that the agents were complete douchebags.

That’s it folks. Go home and make sure you paid your fire department bill (seriously)!

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