Herding Cats: Wisconsin Protests, Frugal Fatigue and Coupons for Cannabis


Things are getting pretty heavy worldwide what with the protests in Egypt spreading to the entire Middle East and now protests are erupting in Wisconsin. So the blogosphere is alight with opinions about the protests. 

Are we having our own Egypt moment?  Well, yes and no.  To start, this is a left-right battle (as usual) and for this to be a true “revolution” both sides would have to be joining together, but that’s not really what’s happening. 

So first up, the perspective from the left: Salon.com: What Wisconsin’s Governor is Really Threatening – With a lede like “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has declared war on state workers, almost literally,” you can tell where this is going.  What’s maybe lost in the turmoil in Wisconsin is why it erupted so quickly.  Workers weren’t only angry about the labor dispute, but the threat of the National Guard to stop the protests–and this hearkens back to violent demonstrations throughout history.  Keep this in mind when you read about this being about small government vs. big government, as there may be nothing so big government as military intervention. 

The small government argument is here:

Weekly Standard: Scott Walker vs. Public Sector Unions – As many on the right point out, salaries for those affected by these cuts are in the top percentile.  In other words, they’re not sacrificing a whole lot with these cuts.  They may have public support on this, as the majority are not so in favor of unions.

Another dissenting voice, except this time about something less vital:

Slate.com: I Hate My iPad – Yeah, I guess if you already have a Kindle and an iPhone, the iPad isn’t 100% useful.  Personally, I have neither–so the iPad is ultra-incredibly amazing.  I’m writing a book on it.  There’s something very great about writing on something the size of paper with no other desktop distractions beckoning me.  Also, reading the web is a better experience, as it’s more like reading a book because you’re holding it in your hands, so I find myself paying closer attention to articles.  But that’s me. 

Important info:

Walletpop: Recall Roundup: Baby Monitor Batteries, Designer Jackets, Blood Thinner and More – This is a feature that you definitely need to bookmark, as Walletpop rounds up all of the current recalls.  Many people are unaware that a product has been recalled until something breaks, or worse, something tragic occurs.  Invaluable information.

DonnaFreedman.com: I Have “Frugal Fatigue” Fatigue – You are not alone.  No one said budgeting is fun, and part of budgeting is budgeting your energy to, well, budget.  Reminds me of that moment from “Seinfeld” where Newman talks about how the mail keeps coming and coming and coming.  Bills never stop, money issues never stop – it’s as inevitable as the mail.  At the same time, the “Frugal Fatigue” moniker seems to be used in the media as code for: “Being frugal is boring, spend again!” So be aware that frugal fatigue is inevitable, but this doesn’t mean you should start spending freely again if you can’t afford it.

Finally, if you need something to relax because of all the turmoil worldwide, there may be a site for you (if it happens to be legal where you live):

MainStreet.com: New Site Offers Coupons for Cannabis – Main St. reports on a new coupon site for…yes, that. 

Uh, yeah, don’t expect Savings.com to be entering the weed deals arena–that is, until it becomes legalized. But that’s a topic for another day. 

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  1. Allegra.Ringo

    4 years ago

    I had no idea that medical marijuana coupons existed! That’s hilarious, although I guess it was the next logical step. I wonder if dispensaries will start offering those “transfer a prescription here and get a $10 gift card” type deals that Target and CVS do.

  2. WiscoVixen

    4 years ago

    As a native Wisconsinite and a UW-Madison Alum, I’m bummed to hear about all the unrest back in Wisconsin. A lot of my friends and family still live and work in Wisconsin, and these cuts will affect a lot of them. I hope things get resolved quickly, without any need for interference from the National Guard.

    Also, coupons for weed? Hilarious. I honestly don’t think they really needed to discount though…it’s not like the dispensaries are really hurting for business!

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