Here’s how you can save $4,554.12 this year


January is the time that many of us look at our finances and decide that it’s time to get in shape. Budgeting, envelopes, savings, cash systems, 401K, IRAs – where do we begin?

One of the most important aspects to budgeting and saving is to actually begin by reducing expenses. And to show you how easy it is, I’m going to show you how you can save a total of $4,571.62 by switching up four things. 
1. Coffee. 

If you purchase coffee from a local coffee shop at $3 a cup, you’re spending approximately $735 a year on your java fix. This is estimating a 5 day week, and 49 week year. 

Alternative: If you were to brew at home, that cup would cost you approximately .50 cents and result in an annual cost of $122.50. 

Total Savings: $612.50

2. Cable TV.

The average person spends approximately $70 a month on cable TV, which turns out to be $840 a year. 

Alternative: If you were to cut cable TV and switch to Netflix ($7.99/mo), you’d be spending $95.88.

Total Savings: $744.12

3. Daily Takeout.

If you work out of the home, chances are you grab lunch however you can get. Estimating that you spend approximately $5 on that takeout, you’re spending $1,225 a year on lunch. 

Alternative: If you bring your own from home, lunch costs you approximately $1.50, which turns into $367.50 for the year.

Total Savings: $857.50

4. Eating Out.

If you eat out with the family once per week, this ends up costing you approximately $60 per meal, or $3,120 per year. This is estimating the cost for a family of four to eat out. 

Alternative: Make a fancy gourmet, home-cooked meal, and the cost ends up being more like $15 per meal. The annual cost for this is $780.

Total Savings: $2,340.00

If you just reduced these few items you would have an annual savings of:


So you may be thinking that you don’t do these things and are already saving in this way. But hopefully this shows you how quickly the savings can rack up and you can find other items to eliminate from your spending. 

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What types of things do you eliminate from your spending in order to save?

Crystal Collins, a DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at


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