Holiday Gift Ideas 2011: The Top Five Video Game Must-Haves


It’s that time of year again my friends. Grab that eggnog, put on that classic Sinatra Christmas album and….What? Too soon for that? Well it’s certainly not too soon to take a look at the must-have video game items topping most gamers’ shopping lists this holiday season. So here we go: Two games, two accessories, 1 big peripheral after the jump. The Accessories


Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 pack. This bundle comes with a golf club attachment, hockey stick attachment, as well as canoeing, swordplay, fencing, archery, and wakeboarding attachments. This is a cool peripheral set that enhances the Wii Sports experience. Listed at $29.99, you can find it at some outlets for less heading into the Holidays.


Another hot accessory is the Gears of War 3-themed Gaming Headset from Tritton. This headset comes with 7.1 Dolby surround sound and is perfect for gamers looking for that extra boost to the overall sound quality, as well as their communications while playing online.

The Big Addition


Whether it be for the motion control add-on itself or for Holiday Bundles, like the one currently available at online retailers like, the Kinect for the Xbox 360 will no doubt be a top seller this season. The Kinect has been out for awhile now and with time has come better games and a deeper library for people to choose from. In many respects the Kinect add-on has helped Microsoft surpass the Wii in terms of must-have motion game console at bars and in homes. The lack of physical motion controllers frees up the user to experience a more fluid form of gameplay.

Judging just by the lines I saw at Best Buy over the Thanksgiving break, of adults and kids waiting to play the Kinect Sports football game or Just Dance 3. Also big on the Kinect this Christmas will be Dance Central. With more games on the way, including a Ghost Recon motion game, the Kinect library is growing to the point where gamers of all ages will want to have a Kinect device hooked up and ready to play in the next few months.

The Games

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Release Date, December 20th (PC/Windows version)

The thematic successor to the Knights of the Old Republic games on the original Xbox, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massive-multiplayer online game Taking place during the same era as the earlier KOTOR games, the Old Republic predates the events in the Star Wars movies by thousands of years. The Old Republic will be available in a variety of editions, each with their own unique pricing

The Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition (exclusive to Origin) and Collector’s Edition have a suggested retail price of $59.99, $79.99 and $149.99 respectively.


Final Fantasy XIV – Out for PC

My first foray into the worlds of Final Fantasy was with Final Fantasy VII. I have loved the series ever since. This month sees the US release of Final Fantasy XIV. This latest Final Fantasy game returns the series to the world of Online MMORPGs. The game is currently only available on the PC, with the PS3 version delayed until December 30th, 2012. The Windows Vista version costs about $29.99 for the standard edition, but I have already seen it discounted online. The PC Collector’s Edition will cost $39.99, while the future Playstation 3 version will run $59.99. There will also be a monthly subscription fee of $9.99.

Well that’s my list. What does yours look like? Let’s discuss below.

Until next week, be sure to folllow the gaming conversation over on my Twitter page @SavingsGCapes.

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    I bought my son a really cool headset or whatever that was when he played. I tell you, those accessories are placed in the “gift” category because they can get expensive.

  2. SavingsIQ

    3 years ago

    The Star Wars game looks fun. I know someone who would love this.

  3. champ76

    3 years ago

    The Xbox 360 bundle is a big hit this holiday ! All the kids want one. My son does as well.

  4. champ76

    3 years ago

    They are a bit pricey though I have to admit.

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