Holiday meals that wont leave you in the kitchen


Getting together for the Holidays is something most of us look forward to for the Holidays, however standing in a kitchen all day is not. Parties usually involve food to be served, but that does not mean that one person has to do all the work. Here are 4 easy meals to serve at your next Holiday gathering.

Taco Bar:
While it may not seem festive for your typical get together, it is very easy and enjoyed by most. Use a crock-pot to cook your meat in with the seasoning, breaking it up and stirring it throughout the day. Tortillas on a platter, condiments and sides in some bowls and its Feliz Navidad all night! Cozy Christmas Soup Dinner:
While the weather outside is frightful, everyone can enjoy a nice warm bowl of soup inside. Soups are something you can typically make ahead of time and warm when ready to serve. Even a good pot of chili will go far with your guests. It is also another great use for the Crock-pot on Christmas Day! Serve with some warn bread, and your sure to please, and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Pasta and Salad:
You may be thinking, Pasta for Christmas? But even Rachel Ray says she eats a big bowl every year for Christmas! Pasta is another dish that can be made by huge panfuls ahead of time. Serve beside a tossed salad (or better yet, ask a guest to bring the salad!)

Merry Christmas to you Let’s Have Fondue:
Similar to the Taco Bar, set up a Fondue Bar. Very little prep work, and who can turn down a Fondue meal? As everyone is gathered around the Cookers, it will promote socializing. Dip, Eat, and be Merry!

Don’t do it all yourself. Whether you are going the traditional turkey dinner route, or one of the easier options above, don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring a dish. Try cooking a chicken in the Crockpot or a turkey in the oven and have everyone else bring the sides and desserts. No one will think any less of you, and you will enjoy the day staying out of the kitchen, (except of course to sneak a bite or two of Grandma’s famous dessert!)

Thrifty Tiff, (Tiffani Taff) is a Military wife and mom to 4. She writes daily on tips and tricks to save you time and money while learning how to live and love life on a budget. She is a DealPro for and teaches Savings Nation Classes to teach others how to save greatly on their grocery budget.


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