Hostess Gift Ideas for Holiday Parties


There’s nothing like opening the door to a group of friends holding hostess gifts…not that I would throw a party just for that reason. I really wouldn’t–but if I receive any of the gifts on the following list, I might consider it! Now that the holiday season is upon us and the party invites are pouring in, it’s a good time to think about hostess gifts that are both affordable and seasonal. Hostess gifts are a simple and kind gesture to express gratitude for your hosts’ hospitality throughout the year and holiday season.

I tend to lean towards neutral gifts for hostess gifts and try to have a few extra on hand in case I am lucky enough to get a last-minute invite to a fabulous party! If you are close to the host and you would like to personalize it, then consider what their favorite pastimes are and try to build the gift around that theme.

Here are some suggestions for both neutral and themed gifts that are sure to put a smile on your host’s face.

Neutral Gifts in $10-$20 range:

  • Seasonal, scented candles make great holiday gifts and are constantly on sale at Bath and Body Works, Colonial Candle, Walmart and Target. Take two scented candles, place in a gift bag with colored ribbon.
  • Decorative picture frames. For an extra touch, think about what the host dreams about and place a picture inside of the object and call it a “Visualization Frame.” Look through the inventory at Marshalls and Ross.
  • Small, decorative vases. Try Home Goods for a vast array of vases at great prices.
  • A dessert cookbook with a cupcake baking pan. Everyone likes cupcakes and this won’t set you back more than $15!
  • Decorative, seasonal hand towels.
  • Key rings with interesting designs.
  • Decorative candy dish with a wrapped bag of nuts or homemade candy.
  • A bunch of sunflowers in an Italian-painted water pitcher.
  • Shot glasses. Check out Crate & Barrel and for sales.
  • Dart boards, board Games, playing cards.
  • Decorative coasters.

Themed Gift Ideas in $10 to $35 range:

  • For golfers, try for new and used equipment and gifts at a fraction of retail prices, as they are listed by fellow golfers. Used golf balls in a fun tote bag always seem to be a big hit with golfers.
  • For the artist, a new sketch pad with your own attempt at art on the first page is always a big hit, along with a set of colored or charcoal pencils.
  • For the songwriter, a blank music and/or lyric book.
  • For the writer, a journal and pen with colorful design. Try Barnes and Noble or Borders for some great gift deals for writers and readers.
  • For the avid reader, a leather-bound version of any classic novel or a fun pair of reading glasses.
  • For the outdoorsy host, think about neutral colored scarves, hats and gloves which are on sale all throughout the season. Decorative water bottles are also a fun gift.
  • For the wine enthusiast, a bottle of wine with a fun cork stopper or a block of gourmet cheese and cheese knife.
  • For the pet enthusiast, a homemade gift basket–meant for the pet–full of treats, toys and grooming tools.

Whatever you decide on, the gift of giving doesn’t have to break the bank. The simplest of gestures, with a little imagination and humor is always well received. For the record, I like decorative vases, hand creams, candles and of course, anything with diamonds…or something that looks like a diamond in low lighting.

See you at the party!

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  1. ShoppinHolly

    4 years ago

    Holiday parties dinners…Fun times. Hostess gifts are so nice. I don’t ever expect anything…but when I get flowers, it lights up my week!

  2. KimAtMMI

    4 years ago

    I love your ideas! If I know the host or hostess well, my gift is to help them by running last minute errands, coming early to set-up, or staying late to clean-up.

  3. KNerdimous

    4 years ago

    I’m with Kim .. I always llike it when a good friend or relative I invite to my party get’s down on those baseboards beforehand :)

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