How to be a savvy couponer like our DealPros


The DealPros are serious when it comes to saving money and couponing. One of our DealPros has even saved $9,000 so far this year using coupons! Talk about a reason to coupon!

Couponing doesn’t have to be a huge chore, and isn’t necessarily all that difficult to get started with either.

Here are some fabulous posts from our DealPros that will have you well on your way to being a savvy couponer: 

1. Wanting to get started with couponing? Check out Jennie’s guide to getting started with couponing and check out this coupon newbie post.  

2. The testimonials of others using coupons are something I always find so encouraging. Check out Karen’s post called “I’m a Coupon Addict and I’m Not Ashamed,” where she shares some of the reasons that she uses coupons and how they have helped her finances.  

3. Think coupons are just for junk? Wrong! Erin shows you how to find coupons for healthy foods here.
4. If you like shopping at Target, check out how to save at Target here. I’m a huge fan of the Dollar Spot!

5. If you’re not someone that clips all your coupons at once, it can be hard to decide whether or not to clip all of your coupons. How to decide if a coupon is worth clipping is a great post that talks about this.

6. This posts from Kelly was really inspiring. She talks about where she took her receipt to customer service because they hadn’t charged her enough at check out. Love the honesty here! Read Grocery Cart Confessionals here

7. When it comes to couponing, you can never have enough newspapers, right? Read up on how many Sunday papers should you buy

8. Love seafood? Mmm…I just enjoyed some wild-caught Salmon the other evening for dinner. Check out 10 of the best places to find seafood

9. Deal or no deal? Check out Aldi vs. Walmart. Which store will help you save more?

Now you’re well on your way to couponing like the pros. What is the most you’ve every saved using coupons?

Want to attend a Grocery Savings Class? To find a teacher and a class in your area you can visit our coupon classes page here. Plus, on September 26th, is teaming up with LearnVest to offer you a free grocery savings webinar. Mark you calendars!

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