Conserve Ink Cartridges and Paper When Printing Coupons


More and more companies are offering printable coupons, which is great for the savvy shopper. However, printables can be paper and ink hogs when the manufacturer also uses your inkjet printout as a marketing opportunity. Printing a 50 cent coupon that includes a full-color, full-page ad devalues your coupon significantly when you factor in the cost of ink, so use these strategies to reduce your ink and paper consumption. Ink Saver Idea: Use the “draft” print setting. Set your printer to a lower-quality setting that greatly conserves ink. Double check the first printout to make sure your coupon’s barcode is clear enough to scan-the lines should be straight and fairly dark. If you’re not sure how to do this, check your printer’s manual. It’s usually a simple process in that can be set temporarily during each print or permanently through the program that controls your printer setup and preferences.

Ink and Paper Saver Idea: Hit the stop button. Once the part of the coupon you need has printed (most, but not all, manufacturers set their ads to print below the coupon), hit the cancel button on your computer’s printer menu or manually stop the printer using its own cancel button. You’ll avoid the rest of the page printing, but still have the coupon at the top of the page.

Paper Saver Idea: Reuse, reuse, reuse! Now that you’re printing draft quality coupons on the top half of your paper only, save paper by flipping it around and/or over, depending on how paper feeds into your printer, and print another coupon on the back side or bottom. Make sure to stop this second printing quickly just like the first to save ink. Some creative couponers can even get three or more printed on one sheet of paper depending on the size of the coupon. To save even more, save scrap printer paper from other print jobs, schoolwork, or even your workplace and reuse the blank back side for coupon printing.

Since the point of coupons is to save money, printing them as frugally as possible only seems reasonable. In addition, these ink and paper conservation tips can be used for other printing projects to extend the life and lower the cost of ink and paper for your home inkjet printer.

Rebecca Dale is a business teacher, avid couponer, and mom to two little boys. Her goal is to continually reduce household expenses using those savings to invest in family fun and save for the future. lets her share deals with others as well as find deals for herself and family.

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