How to feed your family with $36 less in food stamps


Beginning today, the average family or four living on food stamps will receive an average of $36 less than what they received. It is said that 1 in 7 Americans receive this benefits which is a fair amount of citizens that will have to adjust to the cuts.

As the debate continues in Congress and newspapers like the Los Angeles Times addressing, How does a $36 food-stamps cut look on the kitchen table?, we can offer you immediate solutions to these cuts.
During these hard times, it’s not only important but life-saving to use coupons that are available to you. So even if you’ve never done it and now your life depends on it, here are some how to use coupons with food stamps tips from DealPro Brittany Ramos of The Prudent Patron.

We also have our new Favado app which helps you see the weekly deals, best prices and tells you if there is a coupon to lower prices even further.

Take control and start saving on regular food items that you would purchase, so that the $36 reduction in benefits won’t impact the regular meals you would normally have on your kitchen table.


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