Inexpensive First Dates That’ll Actually Surprise the Girl You Ask Out

Roller Rink Scratch

Women love being surprised. Trust me on this. I know, because unlike most people, I have met every single woman.

Given that women love being surprised, it’s strange that first dates tend to be at the same places and set in the same settings, over and over again. You’d think, given how many different options there are in the world for first places to take someone, that people would be doing all sorts of different fascinating things on their first dates…but that’s just not the case.



So I make it a point, when I ask a girl out and she says yes (Which happens!), to make sure the first date is something surprising. Here’s the rub though, I am also a man on a budget, so I have to be both creative and frugal. I’ve done it, and it’s worked out great. And now, I’m going to teach you how to do the same by showing you typical date places, and where you should go instead of them to actually make your night interesting (and save a few bucks in the process!).


Ug. She gets it. You like food. She likes food. Yes dinner, unlike a few of the other typical dates on this list, has the advantage of being what a first date should be: a space where you guys can talk so you can get to know each other… but it’s also been done to death. Like, every time a date happens. Ever. It’s probably 98% of all dates. If you guys like each other after your first date, I PROMISE, you will be having dinner together again. So why not make the first date stand out? Here’s what you should do instead:


Here me out. Laser tag is about as much fun as two human beings can have. Laser tag is a blast. It’s running around with chest armor on battling each other with future weapons in the dark. Anyone that you ask out who doesn’t have fun at laser tag is clearly not a fun person anyway. Laser tag, therefore, is a good way to weed them out boring ladies so you don’t accidentally end up in a relationship with some girl who doesn’t get that it’s fun to pay to be shot at by strangers. Plus, it’s really good exercise, so you guys will be all tired afterwards. And, it is a scientific fact that when women are out of breath, the only way for them to catch their breath again is to make out with someone they only recently met.

On the money tip, it averages anywhere from $5-$8 a game. So at max, $16 bucks in, you guys are both gonna be spent, laughed a bunch,and have bonded by teaming up to crush a bunch of nine year old kids who though they were all that.

Hot tip: You can make it interesting by betting on the outcome of the games. Like, “Whoever wins this round gets to pick the next date,” or, “Whoever wins the next round gets to determine the race of our first child.”


What a terrible idea. Come on, fella, you’re better than that. Movies are an awful first date but they somehow end up being incredibly common. It makes no sense because you can’t talk when you’re on the date. So you can’t get to know the person at all. You didn’t ask her out so you could both bet to know Matt Damon a little better for two hours. Never do this. Also, do you really want the first time you guys go out to be to stare at Matt Damon for two hours? You can’t compete with that. You’re no Matt Damon. LOOK AT THAT F’ING SMILE, HE SMILES BETTER THAN YOU EVER WILL. Instead, take her somewhere where you can talk about being silly together like:


Roller rink first dates are the first dates of champions. They tend to be about half the cost of a night out at the movies (and a third or less of the cost of a solid dinner date), but they are way more fun. You can show off if you’re a great skater, or have fun falling and being goofy if you’re totally inept. Being able to have fun, when you’re a novice at something, shows a lady you don’t take yourself too seriously, which scores you big points. Plus, the fact that you took her somewhere no guy has probably ever taken her on a first date, will be so impressive. She won’t even notice that you just cut your costs for the date you were planning on in half.

Hot tip: If Matt Damon happens to be at the roller rink, either leave before she notices him, or if she does notice him, get into a fight with him and win.

Daniel is a WGA writer who has written for TV shows on the Disney Channel, and the CW, among others. He created Oishi High School Battle on Youtube which to date has over 35 Million views.



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