Infographic: Best times to buy holiday gifts


The holidays are fast approaching and shopping is a huge part of it.  Not only do retailers make it more enticing to shop during the holidays but because Christmas, Hanukkah and other celebrations are lined up back to back, you really feel like you have no other choice (unless you did some early shopping which most people don’t).

With Black Friday just around the corner, you get the feeling that the best deals only occur in that small time frame, but in actuality you’re not doomed if you don’t score anything that day.

In order to be an educated shopper, you want to know when to buy certain items to get the most bang for your buck and when not to.  From clothing to toys, we’ll show you when and when not to spend your hard earned dollars.

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As you can see, Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t always the best times to buy certain items.  If you don’t get to shop on those days and feel like you’re missing out on saving some money, you’re really not missing out on too much.  Look to December to snap up some amazing deals on almost everything!


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  1. agmcgaha

    3 years ago

    So far this year, I haven’t found most of this to be true. For example, I found amazing online deals Black Friday thru Cyber Monday on DVDs/Blu-Rays that I KNOW I haven’t seen again and know I absolutely won’t. (Brave DVD-Bluray combo pack for 3.99 on Amazon?!) and for makeup, Sephora ran 30% (I think) with free ship for a week or two in Nov (including the days you said dont buy) and I loaded up like crazy. That’s an even better deal than their Beauty Insider special sale days! I’m a die-hard Sephora girl and I know a huge deal when I see one. So just finding this in December, I’m disappointed I won’t use this at all next Christmas. Readers- compare deals, save receipts, look at price adjustment policies, and with a preset list of what you’re buying for whom and an idea of what you want to spend, go for it. Works like a charm for me.


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