Infographic: National Coupon Month Spurs Rise in Availability of Online Coupons


Last month was tagged as “National Coupon Month”  by the Promotional Marketing Association and while usually I’m not one for made-up holidays (March is earmarked as “Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig” month and June is “National Ice Tea” month…), since I work for celebrating coupons is an idea I can totally get behind. 

According to statistics gathered by media researcher The Nielsen Company, online coupon usage increased by 263% in 2009.  More coupons being used by consumers means more deals will need to be offered by retailers in order to meet demand and stay competitive. We’ve certainly witnessed the trend of more and more deals being made available at; since January 2009, the number of deals on our site has almost DOUBLED.  In September we had over 20,000 active deals on our site from over  different retailers.

Just to clarify–that’s ACTIVE deals as in working; not expired, not broken.  If a deal is no longer working, we will remove it from our site so users don’t have to weed through clutter.

Check out the graphic below to see how the number of coupons and promo codes has increased in less than two years:

(Click on image for full-sized version.)

(Click on image for full-sized version.)

As the holiday season approaches with Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday discounts just around the corner, we will continue to increase the number of money saving deals available on

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