Infographic: The Coupon Industry


At, we know all about coupons.  And no doubt you, savvy consumer that you are, are pretty familiar with this savings strategy that is increasingly growing in popular.  But did you know that coupons have been around for over one hundred years?  That 50 million online coupons were redeemed last year? 

Read on for more than you ever wanted to know about coupons–presented infographic-style! Although this visual depiction of coupon stats deals with all types of coupons, my favorite piece of info is this: online coupon usage has increased by 360% over the past seven years.

(Click on image for full-sized version.)

(Click on image for full-sized version.)

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  1. CoupSmart

    4 years ago

    This infographic is amazing!

    Of course, coupons are great, but buy one get one free deals aren’t “deals” if you didn’t want the first one to begin with.

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