Infographic: The Shrinking Cost of Mobile

Infographic: The Shrinking Cost of Mobile

A show of hands, please:  how many of you are giving yourself the gift of a shiny new iPhone 4S this holiday?  Or perhaps a Motorola DROID 3 or Razr or Bionic, Galaxy Nexus or HTC Rezound? 

Cellphone technology keeps offering gadgets that consistently up the ante for mobile communications.  Remember that scene in Wall Street where Gordon Gekko calls his protege Bud while watching the sun set on the beach?  Back then that was supposed to represent how Gekko’s milliions enabled him to indulge in the very latest in technology.  Today, it’s a stark reminder of how far mobile has come from the days that only the very rich could afford to talk into a device the size of Shaquille O’Neal’s high tops… With the help of this infographic, let’s take a walk down memory lane to reminisce about just how far mobile technology has come in the last 30 years–as well as predicting what to expect in the next decade.

What cellphone features do you think we can look forward to in the upcoming decade? Share your predictions in the comments!

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  1. ChuckG at 12:45 pm

    Back in the day we had a batter-packed carry on Motorola, size of a land line phone. We could hook it up to the car, or carry the phone and charger together, had a handle. We had more talking time that way. Cost – $800. Was like carrying a small purse. Seriously, ridiculous.

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