Infographic: When are People Saving Money?


Last week we blogged about the best times to buy anything from airline tickets to wrapping paper and just about everything in between.  This week we offer a visual breakdown of the best times to save on various categories, be it apparel and accessories or travel and gear.  Check out the cool infographic to see when people are saving the most money: Of course the holiday season, starting with back-to-school promotions in September, shows a noticeable spike in saving activity (which probably correlates to a big surge in spending…) and it’s no surprise that travel and gear savings are found most often in the summer months. When are people saving most on categories like electronics or health and beauty? We analyzed the data to see just when savvy savers are taking advantage of deals.

(Click on image for full-sized version.)

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  1. couponprincess

    5 years ago

    Great post! Thanks for all the great info!


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