Infographic: Who’s Using Coupons?


The use of online coupons has increased by 263% from 2008 to 2009–and here at we’ve certainly both witnessed and been a part of the demand for deals and discounts.  Who is the average coupon user?  Well, according to our research, your average everyday super saver shopping online is most likely a college-educated, married female, age 35-44, living in the Midwest with an income of $50,000 or more. Paper coupons are still king, but online codes and printables are gaining acceptance with over 55 percent of consumers using online coupons for internet purchases and almost 70 percent of consumers using printables found online for in-store purchases over the course of a year.

(Click on image for full-sized image.)

(Click on image for full-sized image.)

Which do you use more: in-store or online coupons?

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  1. Jason William

    4 months ago

    Interesting infographic on who is using coupons.


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